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Description File Type
4-Year Program - Level Assessment Plan Sample Document
10 Ideas for Digital End-of-Semester Final Projects Web Page
10 In the Moment Responses for Addressing Micro and Macroaggressions in the Classroom Web Page
2020 Resilience Video
A Made to Order Form for Instructional Observation Document
A Multi-Modal Approach: Making Accessible Instructional Videos with Closed Captioning Video
About IDEA Web Page
Academic Assessment & Scholarship Web Page
Academic Assessment & Scholarship Resources Web Page
Academy Honesty with Tests Document
Accessibility Toolbox Web Page
Accessibility Tools Web Page
Accessing Qualtrics Support Document
Adjusted Scores in IDEA Docuemnt
Adjusting your Video Image Infographic
Ally for Students in Blackboard Learn Video
Alternative Assessments Resources Document
An Introduction to Hybrid Teaching  Document
Annual and Periodic Reviews Web Page
Annual Report Template Document
Assessment 101: A Guide to Assessment at Stockton - Introduction Video
Assessment 101: A Guide to Assessment at Stockton - Module 1 - Writing Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes Video
Assessment 101: A Guide to Assessment at Stockton - Module 2 - Curriculum Mapping Video
Assessment 101: A Guide to Assessment at Stockton - Module 3 - Choosing an Assessment Video
Assessment 101: A Guide to Assessment at Stockton - Module 4 - Assessment Reporting Video
Assessment 101: A Guide to Assessment at Stockton - Module 5 - Continuous Improvement Video
Assessment Checklist SLOA Document
Assessment Definitions SLOA Document
Assignment Ideas Web Page
Assignment Ideas for Faculty Web Page
Attendance and Grade Center Video
Autumn and Apples PowerPoint
Basics of Teaching Online with Blackboard Video
Best Practices for Developing a Classroom Course Video
Best Practices for Developing an Online Course Video
Blackboard Exemplary Course Rubric Web Page
Blackboard Learn 9.1 Annotate Video
Blackboard Survey Executive Summary Document
Blackboard Test Question Generator Document
Blackboard Learn 9.1 Course Copy Web Page
Blackboard Learn with the Ultra View Video Tutorials Web Page
Blackboard Learn 9.1 Tutorials Web Page
Best Practices: Zoom Lectures Video
Best Practices in Academic Assessment Document
Best Practices for Developing a Classroom Course Video
Best Practices for Developing an Online Course Video
Blended Learning Toolkit Web Page
Bloom's Taxonomy action verbs Web Page
Campuslabs Tutorials Web Page
Chair Exercises Document
Cheat Sheet on Student Evaluation Objectives Document
Class Observation Report Document
Classroom Observation Form Open Ended Document
Classroom Observation Form Scaled Document
Classroom Observation Report Form Document
Course Mapping Worksheet Document
Course Resources Web Page
Conducting Peer Observations for Online Teaching Video
Continuity Planning Web Page
COVID-19 MOA for Protection of Faculty & Librarians (2020) Document
Creating a culture of caring Document
Creating a Culture of Support in the Workplace Document
Creating Writing Assignments Document
CTLD Faculty Fellows Web Page
CTLD Mission, Vision and Values Document
Curriculum Map Sample Spreadsheet
Decolonizing the Curriculum Resources Web Page
DeskFit - 20 Essential Desk Exercises Document
Digication Tutorials Web Page
Enabling Zoom in Blackboard Document
Embedding Video files in Blackboard with Google Drive Web Page
Evaluation of Teaching Web Page
Evaluating Teaching - A Guide for Administrators PowerPoint
Events & Professional Development Sessions Web Page
Example of Classroom Observation Report Document
Excellent Teacher IDEA Document
Explorer Creative Pedagogy Ideas Web Page
Faculty Academic Writing Network (FAWN) Web Page
Faculty Evaluation Policy (2016) Document
Faculty Evaluation Procedure (2015) Document
Faculty Professional Development Web Page
Faculty Wellness Web Page
File Construction Resources Web Page
First Year File Construction Document
Gagné's 9 Events of Instruction Web Page
Getting Started with Designing a Hybrid Learning Course  Web Page
Guided Meditation - RVCC Planetarium PowerPoint
Guidelines for Hybrid Courses Document
Google Tutorials Web Page
Health Benefits of PA Document
How to Access Stockton University's Student Portal Document
How to Access and Use Blackboard 9.1 Learn Document
How to Submit Assignments on Blackboard 9.1 Learn Document
How to Use the Discussion Board on Blackboard 9.1 Learn Document
IDEA Diagnostic Survey Form Document
IDEA Diagnostic Feedback Form Information Web Page
IDEA Faculty Reporting Guide Video
IDEA Form Document
IDEA Instructor Summary Report Video
IDEA Objectives Form Document
IDEA Paper #45 Document
IDEA Quantitative and Qualitative Comparison Reports Video
Inclusive Student Success Document
Increasing Online Survey Response Rates Document
In Person/Hybrid Syllabus 1 Document
In Person/Hybrid Syllabus 2 Document
Instructional Tools Web Page
Instructor Feedback Formative Assessment Tool Web Page
International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) Resources Web Page
Interpreting IDEA Summaries with Defaulted to Important Objectives Document
Interpreting IDEA  PowerPoint
Kahoot Demo Video
Learning Design & Delivery Web Page
Librarians First Year File Construction Document
Librarians Second, Fifth Year File Construction Document
Making Physical Activity a Part of an Older Adult Document
Methods of Assessment Resources Document
Midterm Feedback Form Document
Mobile Device Use in the Classroom Document
Mock Observation Document
NTTP File Construction Document
Observation Note Taking Document
Observation Report Form Document
Online Syllabus 1 Document
Online Syllabus 2 Document
OSCQR Rubric Web Page
PA Key Guidelines Document
Part Time File Construction Document
Peer Evaluations at Stockton NFO 2013 Document
Peer of Teaching Observation Report Document
Peer Observation Form Document
Peer Observation Guidelines Web Page
Peer Observation of Teaching (SIPET) Web Page
Peer Observation of Teaching - Perceptions of the Observer and the Observed Document
Personnel Actions Calendar Web Page
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Document
Planning for Alternate Course Delivery Document
Preceptorial Advising Day Resources Web Page
Presentation Assignment Example Web Page
Presentation Skill Development  Web Page
Program Review Committee Responsibilities Document
Program Standards Web Page
Project Ideas for Research and Information Literacy Web Page
Promote Student Engagement and Assess Learning with Polling Tools Video
Promoting Student Engagement Video
Promotion of Tenured and Part Time Faculty Document
Put Down your Phone Video
Qualtrics – Best Practices When Designing a Survey Video
Qualtrics Tutorials Web Page
Quality Matters Rubric (QM) Document
YouTube Quick Cuts for Health Sciences Programs Document
Real World Creative Assignments Web Page
Recording a Session in Zoom Document
Recording Attendance and Grading Students Remotely In Blackboard Video
Reflective Summary Resources Document
Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol Document
Resource for Students Giving Presentations Web Page
Rubrics Video
Sample Rubrics Web Page
School Standards Web Page
Second, Fifth Year File Construction Document
Selecting IDEA Objectives Document
SIPET General Guidance for Observers Document
SIPET MOA 2013 Document
Six Year Reconsideration Document
Sleep Well Video
Small Class Instrument Survey Document
SoTL Document
Steps to Course Assessment Document
Stockton Cares - Student Referrals Web Page
Stockton ELOs Document
Student Engagement Handout Document
Student Evaluations at Stockton New Faculty Version PowerPoint
Student Guidance for Writing Assignments Web Page
Student Learning Outcome Assessment Web Page
Suggestions to Promote Student Learning During a Faculty Absence Document
Summer 2019 Institute - Designing an Exemplary Course Document
Syllabus Instructions Document
Syllabus Statement for Students Fall 2021 Document
Synergy Occupational Video
Teaching an Exemplary Course Video
Teacher Behaviors Inventory Document
Teaching Essentials Survey Web Page
Teaching Observation Report Form Document
Teaching Practices Web Page
Teaching with Zoom Checklist Web Page
Technology Teaching and Learning Tools Document
Tenure Track Instructors File Construction Document
Tenure Upon Hire Document
Tips for an Engaging Videoconference Session Web Page
Tips for Engaging Students Infographic
Tips to Use Polling Document
Turnitin Video
Tutorials Web Page
Types of Assessment Resources Document
Using Video Tools and Resources to Promote Student Learning Video
Video Conference Tips Infographic
Video in Blackboard Video
Video Tools and Resources  Video
View File Accessibility with Ally in Blackboard Learn Video
Week of Teaching 2021 Web Page
Wellness Basil PowerPoint
What’s New in Blackboard? Video
Workload Estimator Web Page
Writing Program-level Student Learning Outcomes Resources Document
XIIID File Construction Document
XIIIO File Construction Document
XIIID/XIIIO Switched to Tenure Track Document
Zoom Annotation Web Page
Zoom: Beyond the Basics  Video
Zoom Breakout Rooms Web Page
Zoom Chat Web Page
Zoom Meetings - ITS Tutorials Web Page
Zoom Personal Meeting Room Document
Zoom Polling Web Page
Zoom Sharing a screen Web Page
Zoom Whiteboard Web Page