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As faculty members, we have many responsibilities related to our professional and personal lives.  It is often challenging to find work-life balance. Yet, it is vitally important that we care for ourselves.  Self-care enables us to be productive, healthy, and support others. Wellness incorporates multiple dimensions: physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, environmental, and intellectual. These dimensions remind us to explore the many facets of well-being.  As we consider our teaching, service, and scholarly responsibilities, the chances of achieving balance and managing stress are increased when we prioritize our well-being. Likewise, when we improve our well-being, we may impart lessons learned to our students and colleagues.  As the 2020-2021 Wellness Faculty Fellow, I have collected and created wellness resources.  I invite you to learn from and use the many resources included in this Faculty Wellness section.

Dr. Alysia Mastrangelo, Professor of Physical Therapy, CTLD Wellness Faculty Fellow. Spring 2021.