Accessibility Toolbox

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is available for students with a disability that need hardware, software, or equipment to improve their functional capabilities in the classroom. Assistive technology benefits students who have difficulty with language, auditory and/or visual processing, and those have difficulty taking notes in class to name a few. If you are registered with the Learning Access Program, and believe that you may benefit from assistive technology, please contact us at 609.652.4988 to schedule an appointment with our Adaptive Technology Specialist, Maria Spade.

*Certain technologies may only be available to students with a related approved accommodation. 

AT available on campus

Below are some tools that the Learning Access Program has made available either throughout its campuses or through short-term trial loan to students registered with the office. 


  • Rocketbook Beacons turn traditional whiteboards into smartboards by integrating with popular cloud services inside the Rocketbook app. Beacons have been placed on whiteboards throughout campus to help with notetaking and retention of information written on the whiteboards.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice-driven program that allows students to create, format and edit documents by thinking out loud. This program is designed to help students increase productivity, creativity, and multi-tasking.
  • JAWS is a screen reader, which was developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse.
  • Kurzweil provides built-in features for reading, writing and study skills for those students struggling with literacy. This program is designed to help students become independent learners, active participants with their education, and assist students to achieve full academic potential.
  • Read&Write is a program that makes the web, documents, and files more accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly toolbar that assists students, faculty, and staff with everyday tasks such as reading text aloud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. This program is great for those with learning difficulties, English Language Learners, and/or anyone who needs extra help with their reading and writing. Students can download this program, at no cost, through the portal on the Student Life tab.  Faculty and staff can place a request through Information Technology Services to have it installed on their computer.
  • Sonocent is an audio notetaking software that captures audio, text and slides in a single note-taking workspace that can be easily organized.
  • ZoomText is a screen magnifier for Microsoft Windows tailored for low vision users.


  • C-Pen Reader is a portable device that reads printed text aloud with an English, Spanish or French human-like digital voice. 
  • Digital Goniometers including a HALO, which is both an inclinometer and goniometer that allows you to record a patient's measurement with one hand.
  • FM Systems use radio waves to send speech and other signals to hearing aids. We carry the traditional transmitter microphone/receiver and Roger Pens.
  • Handheld Magnifiers are small electronic magnifiers that magnify text and is for use in the classroom.  The product contains continuous magnification and has large intuitive buttons for easier navigation.
  • Smartpens work like a pen, but use Bluetooth technology to record audio and send it to a smartphone, tablet, or PC. This product is designed to help students capture the most from classroom lectures and documents information that could be missed while in the classroom.
  • Spellex is a medical spell check tool for thousands of medical procedures, diseases, surgical terms, treatments, diagnostic tests, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Thunder T3 earmuffs feature Air Flow Control technology that reduce noise in the room.

Accessibility Toolbox 

The Learning Access Program has compiled a list of programs and applications that may be helpful for students struggling with reading, writing, note taking, and time management. The tools below include applications available through Apple and Android app stores for either free or at a minimal cost. The Learning Access Program and Stockton University do not endorse or recommend any of the applications other than what the office has purchased, but are providing the information as a resource to students. 

Quick Voice Recorder IconQuickVoice Recorder: One touch recording for seconds or hours that syncs recordings to computers.


List Note Speech to Text NotesListNote Speech-to-Text Notes: Takes notes as you speak. Notes are searchable through key words and filters.


Dragon DictationDragon Dictation: Voice recognition application by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to dictate documents, emails, and status updates on Social Networking applications.


Natural Reader Text to SpeechNaturalReader Text to Speech: Converts Microsoft Word documents, PDF files and e-books into spoken words.  This program can assist students who want to hear the flow of documents written before submitting.


Speechify Application IconSpeechify - Text to Audiobook: Create audiobooks out of almost anything. Instantly listen to any pdf or highlighted text with the tap of a button.


Speak ItSpeak it!: Documents, emails, PDF's, and web pages can be placed into this program and the text will be spoken back. Audio files can be created and sent via email.


Google Action Blocks ImageAction Blocks: Can be configured to speak phrases and makes routine actions easier with customizable buttons on your Android. Features picture communication symbols (PCS® by Tobii Dynavox), providing a visual experience for users of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices.

Audio NoteAudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder: Synchronizes notes and audio.  Notes can be taken at the time of recording or added later, and each link to the recording so your text, drawings, and photos highlight during playback.

EvernoteEvernote: Organizes notes that sync between iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Provides templates for notes, to-do lists, and goals, which help you visually prioritize tasks. 

iThoughts Application IconiThoughts: - Mindmapping tool for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch that enables you to visually organize your thoughts, ideas and information. Tool that can be used for course notes, project planning, and brainstorming.

NotabilityNotability: Assists with notetaking, marking up PDF's, lecture slides and other forms.


PagesPages: Helps create reports, resumes, and documents. Syncs with iCloud.


PenultimatePenultimate: Note taking with a stylus. Digital handwriting and sketching program.

Sound NoteSoundNote: Note taking program that tracks what you type or draw while recording audio. Audio playback occurs by tapping a word or drawing.

Write PadWritePad: Advanced note-taking app that converts handwritten notes to digital text.

Dolphin Easy Reader IconEasy Reader: Accessible reading application for individuals with dyslexia, low vision and blindness.


Learning Ally IconLearning Ally: A membership that offers an extensive selection of books for individuals with dyslexia and other reading deficits. 

Flora/Forest: Stay Focused Application IconFlora/Forest: Stay Focused: Plant a tree to stay focused by committing to your task and not using your phone. 


Remember the Milk Application IconRemember the Milk: Organize your priorities, due dates, and lists. Set reminders via email, text, IM, Twitter and mobile notifications.

 Zoom Reader Zoom Reader: Pairs with iOS device's camera to magnify and read printed text. This program is designed to help people who are visually impaired or have low vision.


Vision Assist VisionAssist: Magnifier that works with Apple devices. This program is designed to help people who are visually impaired or have low vision.


Silver Magnifier IconSilver Magnifier: Magnifier that works with Android devices. This program is designed to help people with low vision. 

IdeamentIdeament:  Easily draw diagrams such as mind maps, concept maps, or flow charts and convert it to a text outline. Data from emails, documents or web pages can also be imported into the program. (Formerly Idea Sketch)

App Writer USAppWriter US: Text editor for the iPad that features context based word suggestions, text-to-speech, integrated PDF reader, custom keyboard and a special Dyslexia-font.  This program is designed to help students with reading and writing disabilities. AppWriter for Android. 

Mindly IconMindly:  Helps organize an individuals thoughts, captures ideas,  assists in planning a project, preparing a speech, and note taking.

MindNode IconMindNode: Mind mapping tool that helps capture thoughts and create a clear picture of an individuals idea.

Assignment Calendar: The University of Minnesota has provided an assignment calendar, which helps break down papers and labs into manageable steps based on the due dates. 

 Graphing Calculator by Mathlab Graphing Calculator by Mathlab: Scientific graphing calculator for Android. Designed to help develop math skills, problem solving and critical thinking.


in class  inClass: Organize class schedules, video notes, audio notes, and photo notes.


My Homework Student Planner myHomework Student Planner: Track classroom assignments, homework, and tests in a calendar display. Supports block and period-based schedules. Calendar can be synced to other platforms. 


Graphic Calculator HD Graphing Calculator HD: Scientific calculator


Microsoft Office Lens Icon Microsoft Office Lens: Trims, enhances and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. Can convert images to editable text.

Other Application Resources

  • NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a "screen reader" that reads the text aloud.  It can also convert the text into braille if the user has a "braille display."

Accessibility for Windows


  • VoiceOver is a built-in screen reader available on Mac computers, iPhone and iPad that allows the device to read aloud icons, menus and web articles making it easier for the blind and those with low-vision to use a computer.


  • Mathshare is an online tool for individuals with learning differences that allows them to break math problems into parts, which helps with organization and focus.