Stockton CTLD Digital Badging Initiative

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What is digital badging?  Digital badging is a way to acknowledge skills, achievements, or accomplishments in a digital format. Instead of traditional paper-based certificates or credentials, digital badges may be easily shared online. Digital badges are verifiable and typically contain metadata that provides information about the issuer, the criteria for earning the badge, and the skills or knowledge demonstrated by the badge holder. Digital badges are used to enhance resumes and showcase diverse abilities for professional and educational recognition.  Your digital badge may be showcased in your email signature, ePortfolio, LinkedIn page, or other social media platform. Badges may be provided as evidence in constructing a file for tenure or promotion.

For information on obtaining and sharing your digital badges, click here.

For directions on uploading your digital badge to LinkedIn, click here.

Background: In Summer 2023, the CTLD began issuing digital badges for special professional development opportunities such as the Online Teaching Certificate and Fall Faculty Academy.  By Spring 2024, the CTLD will offer achievement and professional digital badges for achievement and attendance milestones.

Achievement badges: Badges earned through professional development experiences such as workshop and training session attendance. Achievement badges may be used to indicate participation without a demonstration of skill competency.

Professional badges: Badges linked to facilitated professional development series such as the Online Teaching Certificate or Fall Faculty Academy programs where the learner demonstrates competency in the skill or knowledge related to the badge.

Stockton's digital badging initiative currently utilizes Anthology's Milestone platform for digital credentials.