Resources for BUSN Faculty & Adjuncts

The information contained below is intended for use by faculty, adjuncts and staff in the School of Business only.  While much of the information is drawn directly from University policies and procedures, some of it is very School-specific and other Schools may do things differently in some cases.  That said, we hope you find the information below useful and helpful.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the BUSN office.

If it is necessary to cancel a class, please notify the BUSN office. A cancellation sign will be posted on the classroom door with any additional information you request. Additionally, if needed, an email will be sent to the class. Class cancellations for personal reasons will be counted as sick time. If you are out for more than one class day (e.g., Monday & Wednesday) the intervening day will also be recorded as sick time. If you intend for the class to run as scheduled in your absence, please make every effort to have a program colleague cover the class for you. If you are unable to get coverage from a fellow faculty member, someone from BUSN may be able to assist.

  • For all absences, please complete the Faculty/Staff Absence form and submit it to the BUSN office, either as an email attachment or in person. This includes attendance of a conference. Please notify the School of Business Office no later than 1 week prior to your absence. We will need a faculty absence form in place stating if classes will be canceled or if you have alternate plans. 

Initial classroom assignments are made by the Office of Student Records and are subject to change for at least the first few weeks after the schedule is made viewable. If you have specific classroom requests or believe there will be an issue with your rooms as assigned, please notify the BUSN office by email ( We will make every effort to ensure that your rooms meet the needs of your classes, but due to space limitations, it may not always be possible to fulfill every request. Please do remember to check your rooms before the start of the semester, so that we can minimize issues once the semester starts. You are more than welcome to make arrangements to switch rooms with other instructors on your own, but please notify the office immediately so that we can maintain the accuracy of the class schedule online and make sure there are no unforeseen issues.

Requests for lab reservations can be made by emailing the BUSN office, or can be sent directly to the office of Information Technology Services by filling out their online request form.  Regular or recurring lab reservations are best made prior to the start of the semester.  Please note that there is a separate process (internally for I.T.S.) for scheduling labs during the final/extended week, and that regular lab assignments may not carry over. Lab requests for the final week should be made as early as possible in the same manner as a regular lab request, but labs will not be assigned until later in the semester.

Routine copy requests should be submitted in advance. You can email the BUSN office ( for any copy requests, or use the blue work request forms in the office.  Copy requests of high volume will be sent to the print shop. Be sure to leave ample time for job completion. You may make copies on your own, but please submit a request for large or more complex jobs (100 pages or more). Also, please be aware of copywrite infringements.  Whenever possible, please make copies on the front and back side of the page in order to save paper. Please consult a BUSN administrative assistant if you need assistance with your copy requests.  If at all possible, go green.

  • All BUSN faculty should be connected to the "BUSN_Canon" located in the workroom. If you do not see this printer listed as an option when printing from your office, please let someone in the office know and we will get you connected. This printer can be used any time as needed; however, please do not use it for exceptionally large documents or to make multiple copies of documents. This puts excessive wear and tear on the machine and leads to service disruptions. Such jobs should be sent to the BUSN email (
  • In instances where the course has a waitlist, if the student is in the first place on the waitlist, please send the School of Business an email ( ) requesting that the student be registered as an additional student. Please do not send emails to individual staff members. This will help avoid emails being missed in case they are absent. The School of Business Inbox is monitored by all staff. Please also keep in mind classrooms do have set fire code capacities. We cannot, by law, go over the room capacity.
  • Faculty should acknowledge that students who observe religious holidays are absent from class for valid reasons. Students have an obligation to notify the faculty member within the first three weeks of the semester if any class session will be missed due to religious observance, and to make up their work and attend alternative class hours, if such are available. Please announce this message in your classes

Full-Time Faculty Only

  • This is only a PERMIT for the student to be allowed to register for this course. This does not automatically add the student to your course. Permits are required for courses designated Permission of Instructor.
    1. Log in to the “GO” Portal.
    2. In the far-right column, under “Faculty Advising Tools,” click on “Issue Permit.”
    3. Select Term, click SUBMIT.
    4. Enter the Z number of the student to receive the POI. In “Search Type,” make sure “all” is selected, then click SUBMIT.
    5. On Student Verification page, verify that this is the correct student to PERMIT into your course. If yes, click SUBMIT.
    6. Courses for which you are allowed to issue POIs will appear in a drop-down menu. Select the course you would like to PERMIT the student into.
    7. Scroll down a bit and select “Override Everything but CAPP” under “Permit Type,” then click SUBMIT.
    8. Screen updates to show the student you just permitted to your course with the course listing. NOTE: You may need to click SUBMIT once more in order for the permit to process.

You may also email  with the students’ Z number and the course CRN (5-digit course number) and someone in the office can issue a permit and contact the student to register.

  • All Independent Study and Internship forms must be submitted to the BUSN School Office for approval by the Assistant Dean.

Faculty may invite a Guest Speaker or Guest to actively present or engage with their Class. However, please see the below guidelines and Form that need to be completed in these situations:

  • If the invited Guest Speaker or Classroom Guest is not a Stockton University Employee, please email Christy Engelhardt in the School of Business Office at and request a Speaker Agreement Contract.
  • The Speaker Agreement Contract must be completed even if compensation is not involved.  Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing of the Speaker Agreement Contract.
  • Please have Course Information including Acronym, Course Number, Section Number, and CRN, as well as classroom location, and date the Guest will be visiting available when contacting Christy.  
  • You will need to complete the form and return to Christy Englehardt.  Christy is available to assist with any questions you may have when filling out the Speaker Agreement Contract.  The Form can be located here.
  • Once the Speaker Agreement Contract is completed and returned to Christy Englehardt, she will submit it to our Legal Department to review and sign.
  • Please note Guest Speakers or Classroom Guests may not be confirmed until after the Speaker Agreement Contract has been approved and signed by our Legal Department. 
  • General Studies Convenors are as follows:
  • Please visit the General Studies website to view material related to General Studies course proposal/review process. The “G” Course Approval Form may be accessed here.
  • GAH: Marcy Isabella
  • GEN: John O Hara
  • GIS: Judith Vogel
  • GNM: Wondi Geremew
  • GSS: Manish Madan
  • Faculty:
    • All full-time/part-time faculty must get program approval.
    • The Program Coordinator must alert the Assistant Dean/Dean of the new course and the full program approval.
    • The faculty member must then complete a new Course Inventory Form and return it to the Assistant Dean or Catherine Avgerinos who will check to make sure that the acronym and number chosen is appropriate.
    • The completed form goes through workflow for the course to be created.
  • Adjuncts/Staff Adjuncts:
    • Adjuncts/Staff adjuncts are required to have a faculty member to serve as a mentor when creating a new course.
    • All new BUSN courses must still get program approval.
    • The adjunct and the faculty member must then complete a new Course Inventory Form and return it to the Assistant Dean or Catherine Avgerinos who will check to make sure that the acronym and number chose is appropriate.
    • The completed form goes through workflow for the course to be created.
  • You can quickly and easily email all of the students in a particular class from your Stockton email account using the following format - "". For example, if you are trying to email BSNS 4112-001 in the Fall 2019 semester, you would use the address, "".  When emailing summer classes, be sure to use the correct section number (101 vs. 001).
  • You can also email students directly from the "summary class list" online. At the bottom of the list there is an "Email class" link.  Clicking it will open a new message with all of the students' email addresses in the "bcc:" field. There are also links to email each student individually.
  • Instructors can make grade changes for the current or past two semesters using the "Grade Change" link under "Faculty Advising Tools" on the Faculty tab in the Portal.  Once a change is submitted, both the instructor and student will receive a confirmation email.  The change will be visible on the student's transcript and the "Grade Summary" screen but not on the "Final Grades" screen. Changes can only be made to A - F, I and X grades. For changes in other situations, please contact the Assistant Dean or the Registrar's office (
  • To assign an Incomplete in place of a grade, the "Agreement for Completion of Coursework" (also available on the Faculty tab under "Faculty Resources") form must be filled out, signed by both the instructor and student, and submitted Dean (or Assistant Dean) for approval.  The form will be sent to the Registrar's office (who will input the "I" grade) and a copy will remain on file in the BUSN office.
  • These forms can be found on this page on the Academic Advising website. 
  • The official Academic Calendar may be accessed here. Please take note of these important dates and deadlines in your course syllabi. 
  • The Final Week Schedule for the Galloway and Atlantic City campus locations can be found on the Registrar's website.
  • Deadline to enter the Student Ratings of Teaching System and choose administration types/dates is October 24th (First Preceptorial Advising Day)
    • Objectives for small class surveys will also be selected at this time
  • Objectives for IDEA surveys must be chosen by the first day of your survey administration (for each course)
  • The IDEA administration dates for the Fall 2023 term are as follows:
    • Sub Term A courses: October 7 - 13
    • Sub Term B courses: December 3 - 9
    • Full Term courses: November 26 - December 9
  • Results will be available to faculty in the Campus Labs System on December 24th

For exceptions or help regarding evaluation surveys, please contact Dr. Alaina Walton, Staff Liason for IDEA

  • You can view the holiday calendar for this year on the Human Resources website here
  • The BUSN office will be open with limited staff and no mail service on the days listed below. Classes do meet these days.

Columbus Day*



Election Day*



Veteran's Day*



  • The Open House dates may be viewed here
  • All online faculty review files can be accessed here. You will need to sign in with your Portal username and password.
  • Important dates regarding faculty files can be found on the Personnel Actions Calendar.
  • Professional updates are due quarterly and will be included in an annual Scholarly and Professional Activity Report.They now must be submitted in Chicago Style to Catherine Avgerinos, . All items must be completed, published, etc., within each quarterly timeframe.  Catherine will send out reminders at the appropriate time to remind you. 
  • You may view the deadlines and time frames here.


Printable Checklist (for your records; does not need to be submitted)

BUSN Funding Policy Junior Faculty will recieve $2600 for AY 22-23. Senior Faculty will revieve $1200 for AY 22-23.  NTTP Faculty receive $1200.

Helpful Links:

Steps to secure funds and approvals:

  1. Select and complete the correct funding request form. 

You will receive a response via email within 1-2 days after completing the funding request form. The email will provide fund, org, and program information that you will need for Step 2, Chrome River.

  1. After request is approved, complete Chrome River Pre-Approval for Travel/Vehicle/Staff Training. Chrome River pre-approval must be initiated at least three weeks prior to travel or event.
  2. Submit Request for Approval for Attendance at Events which can also be found on the Stockton Ethics page under forms, or by clicking here (not required if travel is for scholarly reasons related to teaching or research). You will find the fillable form which can be submitted directly to Ethics under "Digital Forms." Additional information and details on University procedures can be found at the Administration and Finance Travel page.


  • If traveling internationally, additional forms and approvals are required (please refer to the Office of Global Engagement's International Travel page). 
  • Users can easily create and submit reports with the new Chrome River app!
    • Installation Instructions
      • Open the App store on your Apple or Android device and search from Chrome River.
      • Select the application with the blue CR logo.
      • Tap download
  • Seat Selection - The cost of seat selection when flying is the personal responsibility of the traveler and will not be paid by the University or reimbursed.
  • Reminder on Student Travel - Please be advised that in addition to a list of travelers, campus police needs a list of emergency contacts for the students whenever students are traveling. For your convenience, please use the Student Travel Spreadsheet and send it to Christy Engelhardt
  • Employees who have a Pcard issued in their name are not authorized to charge the department Pcard for their individual travel related expenses.


For all computer, hardware and software** purchases, a quote must be requested from the office of Information and Technology Services before the purchase can be made.  If you have a specific technology request, you may work directly with someone in I.T.S. or send the request to Christy Engelhardt.

**All software purchases require prior approval from the office of Information and Technology Services. 

Room Reservations

Space can be reserved by contacting the Office of Event Services at (usually Lisa Warnock answers that email – X4655).  Please include the event name or purpose for the reservation, number of expected attendees, and any support needs (I.T. assistance, ZOOM, tables and chairs, etc.).  If the event involves catering, please follow the steps below.

Catering Checklist

  • Submit a funding request for catering and receive approval (see "Travel and Funding" section). Funding requests should be submitted no less than three weeks before the event.
  • After catering approval is granted, contact Event Services (see above) about your event including set-ups for the room (tables, electronics, etc.).  Be sure to indicate that catering will be requested as certain rooms are not configured for catering.
  • Look at menus online at
  • Catering orders need to be placed no less than two weeks before the event.  Please contact the office to let us know what food you would like so that we can place the order (all orders must go through the BUSN office). We will also need the Event Services confirmation that includes the room/location of the event, an agenda for your event, and a flyer or other advertisement of the event (an email advertisement is acceptable). Additionally, please be sure to let us know what budget the catering order will be using.
  • The day of the event you must circulate a sign-in sheet and have guests write their names on the sign-in sheet.  You may not email a list of attendees in lieu of submitting a sign-in sheet.  An example sign-in sheet can be downloaded here: sign-in sheet.

Please return the sign-in sheet to Christy Engelhardt.

  • Complete the forms found under the "Address / Name Change Forms" tab on this page and return them to Human Resources.
  • All permanent employees are able to allocate a portion of their paycheck to a secondary bank account. To enroll, complete the Secondary Bank Account Form and bring it to the Payroll Office. (J-115)
  • In the event of the loss of a Stockton ID card, please follow the below process: 
  1. You must report your card lost or stolen through     
  2. Complete this form and take it to Human Resources (J-115) with appropriate photo identification: Employment Verification form
  3. Take the approved form to the Bursar’s Office (CC-202) and pay the $25.00 replacement fee.
  4. Contact the Lock Shop, ext. 4391, to secure your new ID card. 
  • You will need to register all vehicles that you will be parking at the University.
  • Your license plate will be your permit. In line with evolving technology and sustainability, we are using license plate recognition technology to monitor parking at Stockton University. More information may be found on the Parking and Transportation website.
  • To register your vehicle, please visit this page.
  • Click here to view where faculty/staff may park.
  • Atlantic City Parking
  • Your Stockton University ID card will allow you access to the BUSN main office door (H-118) and to Work Room (H-118c), where the printer is located if you print from your office computer, and where the copier is located should you need to make copies. You will also have access to the Faculty Lounge (G-134.) If you teach in a classroom that is an BUSN dedicated space, your ID will allow you access to this room. You can access these rooms on weekends as well.
  • Due to Copyright laws, requests for photocopying of entire books absolutely will not be honored.
  • Faculty/Adjuncts are now required to submit their textbook adoptions via the online platform Follet Discover.  You can access this through the GoPortal, under the Faculty Tab, and Faculty Resources section. The Bookstore also send emails to faculty reminding them to please send their adoption info. It is the faculty members responsibility to be sure this is done prior to the start of the semester.
  • Please direct any questions to the Bookstore at 609-652-4357 or Jamal Parker - Follett Course Materials Market Manager,