Time Accrual & Usage for Temporary Employees (TES) and Student Workers

Hours worked and eligible leave types vary based on job and employee types. This page serves as a resource for understanding time accrual and usage for temporary employees (TES) and student workers. When possible, specifics are shared on this page, however employees should always confirm with the Office of Human Resources if they have specific questions about earned or available time off.

Types of Leave Time

Temporary employees (TES) and student workers accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every thirty (30) hours paid. The maximum accrual of Paid Sick Leave hours is forty (40) hours per calendar (benefit) year.

TES employees should not be scheduled for overtime hours unless authorized by a divisional executive or their designee.

Temporary employees (TES) and student workers are not eligible for vacation time, personal/administrative days, or compensatory time.


A more in-depth list of FAQs can be found on the Paid Sick Leave web page.

When is Paid Sick Leave available to use?

Temporary employees (TES) and student workers are able to use accrued Paid Sick Leave as soon as it is earned. Paid Sick Leave must be taken in quarter (1/4) hour increments. Paid Sick Leave may only be used in lieu of previously scheduled work hours.

How do I request time off?

Most departments use the Time Accrual/Leave Request form for requests to use Paid Sick Leave. TES or student workers should consult with their office or department to understand how time off is requested for their specific area. 

How is time off tracked and recorded?

TES or student workers should consult with their office or department to understand the process for tracking and recording time for their specific area.

Does Paid Sick Leave time expire?

Temporary employees (TES) and student workers may carry over any earned but unused Paid Sick Leave balance from one calendar year into the next without limit. Paid Sick Leave accrual never expires and all employees are encouraged to build their sick leave bank.  If a Temporary employee (TES) or student worker is hired into a permanent position by the University their accrued Paid Sick Leave will not carry over into their leave balance. If they ever return to a temporary position their earned but unused Paid Sick Leave balance will still be available.

Temporary employee (TES) or student workers that are converted to regular full-time/part-time employee positions will retain the sick time accrued as a temporary employees (TES) or student workers.

Is Paid Sick Leave time paid out at separation?

Under no circumstances are temporary employees (TES) and student workers entitled to any payout for accumulated but unused Paid Sick Leave.

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