Time Accrual & Usage for full-time faculty

Hours worked and eligible leave types vary based on job and employee types. This page serves as a resource for understanding time accrual and usage for full-time faculty. Many of the rules and standards for time and attendance for faculty are driven by the Stockton Federation of Teachers (SFT). Please note, when possible, specifics are shared on this page, however employees should always confirm with the Office of Human Resources if they have specific questions about earned and available time off.

Types of Leave Time

Sick Leave

All full-time faculty earn 10 sick days per calendar year (prorated for the first calendar year of employment and prorated for part-time employees). Please refer to the Earned Time Chart for more information. Sick leave accrual never expires and all employees are encouraged to build their sick leave bank. 

Sabbatical Leave

Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves are on the Office of Research and Sponsored Grants web page under Internal Grants.

Permanent part-time employees annual leave accruals are prorated based on the percentage of the position (i.e. 50%, 60%, 75%, etc.).

Faculty are not eligible for vacation time, personal/administrative days, compensatory time, or overtime earnings.


When is sick time available to use?

Sick leave is earned monthly, but the full year’s accrual is credited at the beginning of January, in anticipation of continued employment for the full year. New full-time faculty’s leave balances are credited from their first day of work through the end of the calendar year.  Faculty may use time before it is earned, however, if they separate employment during the calendar year the dollar amount of any unearned used time would be owed back to the University.

How do I request time off?

Faculty should contact their dean and/or school for specifics on requesting time off.

How is time off tracked and recorded?

Faculty members do not need to submit their own timesheet as a designated timekeeper in each school manages all faculty timesheets. Faculty should consult with their specific school with any questions about timesheets.

Does sick leave time expire?

Sick leave accrual never expires and all employees are encouraged to build their sick leave bank.

Is sick leave paid out at separation?

Earned sick leave is not eligible for payout. Faculty who have a Paid Leave Bank balance from a prior furlough program will receive those hours in their final pay.

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