Pedagogical Links

On this page you will find valuable resources and information to assist you inside and out of the classroom.

Academic Honesty Procedure - As an academic institution of merit and integrity,  Stockton University affirms its commitment to the honesty and excellence of research and pedagogy conducted by members of the Stockton academic community.

Academic Tutoring Center/Skills Center - Located in J-105, offers in person and online tutoring in writing, critical reading, and study skills as well as peer tutoring to all student enrolled in mathematics and science courses. 

Academic Advising - Online Resources for Precepting, Forms, and information regarding Degree Works

Bookstore - Book Adoption forms can be found through the faculty tab on the goPortal under Faculty Resources. For additional questions call the Bookstore at ext. 4357. 

Center for Teaching and Learning Design - The Academic Affairs Center for Teaching and Learning Design (CTLD) offers information on the design and delivery of effective learning experiences.

Class Cancellation. Faculty are responsible for notifying their students and for contacting their school so that a class cancellation notice may be placed on the classroom door.

Classroom Disruption Protocol - Classroom Disruption is defined as “behavior a reasonable person would view as being likely to substantially or repeatedly interfere with conduct of a class.” If you feel it necessary, please fill out an Early Alert Form and/or notify the Care Team

Exam Schedule - A modified class schedule will go into effect during the final week of each term to allow for completion of final projects and examinations. Please be sure to check the exam schedules as the Galloway and Atlantic City Campuses have different schedules.

Film in the classroom - Online videos including those from "Videos on Demand" can be projected from any podium in the classroom. Podium computers can play DVDs as well. Call the ITS Help Desk at ext. 4309 for questions or additional help with these services.

General Studies - Here you will find in-depth information about the William T. Daly School of General Studies and details on how to propose a General Studies course. Including courses with a R1/R2 (Race/Racism Education), W (Writing) or Q (Quantitative Reasoning) designation and/or subscripts: A (Arts), H (Historical Consciousness), I (International/Multicultural), and V (Values). 

Grading System - When issuing an “Incomplete” or I notation, utilize the Agreement for Completion of Course Work form.

Information Technology Services -  To schedule a lab for an individual class session, please fill out the online form provided. If you have any further questions, please contact JoAnn Kocher at ext. 4575 to for more information. If you are having problems with devices or technology provided by the University, please call the ITS Help Desk at ext. 4309 or visit them on the Galloway Campus, D-121. 

Library Home page to order interlibrary loans, see what periodicals the library owns and much more.

Military Deployment / Stockton Military and Veteran Services - New Jersey law covers the options for students at public institutions of higher education who are unable to complete their course work due to military service. N.J. Stat. 18A:62-4.2.

New Program Development (majors & minors) -  For information on the proposal and approval process, visit the Faculty Committee on Programs and Planning web page. Life Cycle of a Degree Programs

Office of the Registrar forms.

Plagiarism see Turnitin and Academic Honesty Policy

To schedule space and resources for meetings and events, please visit the Event Services webpage. Use your Stockton credentials to access the online scheduling system.

Student Evaluation of Teaching Procedures - Stockton students utilize the IDEA instrument when evaluating faculty. IDEA Center

Students with Disabilities
The Learning Access Program is housed in the Wellness Center located in J-204. Its stated mission is to encourage "the pursuit of healthier lifestyles, balancing study, family and life commitments, interacting in an environment that fosters positive changes and integrates wellness into the community culture."