Academic Policies

The Faculty  Senate is required to have regular, publicized meetings. Currently, the Senate typically meets the third Friday of the month while classes are in session. Meetings are open to all except for when the Senate votes to go into closed session. Non-senators, even those who are members of the Faculty Assembly, may not vote in Senate meetings. 

SFT meetings are either on the 3rd Friday of each month, OR the 4th Tuesday.  Please check email reminders to confirm location.  

Academic Freedom as stated in the Master Agreement: Academic freedom "is essential to the full search for truth and its free exposition, applies to both teaching and research, and shall not be abridged or abused. Academic freedom does not relieve the employee of those duties and obligations, which are inherent in the employer-employee relationship.”

Academic Requirements  - this links to the Academic Affairs policies and procedure outlining requirements and practices devoted to the academic life of students.  Academic Honesty or Graduation are two examples of procedures. 

The Registrar's Office has information and forms concerning students' academic progress.