Resources for Preceptors

Stockton's system of faculty and staff preceptors is designed for a student to work closely with a faculty or staff preceptor to set educational goals and assess progress toward goals.  Students learn to build and implement programs of study that relate to what they want to accomplish while maintaining the overal goals of a liberal arts education. Students learn that they must accept responsibility for the value of their education.  A preceptor and preceptee work together, primarily on an individual basis, planning courses of study and exploring career alternatives. (College Bulletin, 2013-2014, p. 129-130).

Both students and preceptors share in the responsibilities for the advising relationship. in January, 2014, the Stockton Advising Council endorsed a document that outlines a vision and mission for advising at Stockton.  It also outlines best practices in precepting.  You can view this document here.

In this guide you will find such information as the academic calendar, math skills advising, General Studies requirements, transfer credits, grade point averages, academic probation, and more. Click advising guide to access the pdf file.

A link to Forms needed for precepting.

Please join us over the lunch hour for sessions on advising issues or ideas. Bring your lunch and enjoy.

In order to facilitate more advisor development opportunities at Stockton, the Center for Academic Advising and the Stockton Advising Council are sponsoring a series of Brown Bag Advising Colloquia.  Past colloquia have been recorded and uploaded to the advising channel on Stockton's YouTube channel.  To listen, click here. 

Access this site for many advising resources.  NACADA has much information concerning  the First Year Experience, theory and philosophy of advising, advising issues, advising as teaching, and state, regional, and national conferences. Click here to access many resources available to you as a preceptor.

Many preceptors are using the advising syllabus to help frame their advising relationship with their preceptees.  When viewed as teaching, advising has many similarities to classroom teaching and the syllabus can help set expectations for both preceptor and preceptee.  A video tutorial is located here.
Samples of Stockton syllabi:  DollarhideMcGovern,Levy, Slusser. Also included here is an example of a video syllabus by Mark Berg.

The Degree Works degree evaluation is used to check out a student for graduation.  Preceptors should attend to each student 's DW before senior year so that all areas will show up as "met" on the DW when the final semester is completed.  Those students who have a DW with areas "met" will be automatically cleared for graduation when grades are submitted for final coursework.

When a graduating senior has any areas indicated as "not met," both student and preceptor will be notified via email to complete a graduation resolution form.  The link to this form is available in the body of the email.  You can also access the form by clicking the "pending preceptor review" link beside the student's name in your list of advisees.  The assistant deans also have graduation resolution forms if needed.

The preceptor will need to submit the graduation resolution form BEFORE the last day to withdraw from a class.  Program coordinators and Dean's signatures are required.

Preceptors can see on their list of advisees who has applied for graduation.  You will see the following statements by student names:

  1. Applied for graduation
  2. Approved pending current coursework (student's Degree Works runs correctly and will be processed as such. No further attention is needed by preceptor.
  3. Pending Preceptor review. Preceptor will need to look at DW and attend to any graduation issues. Preceptor will be notified by email.
  4. If a minor is not running correctly on DW the minor coordinator will be emailed to attend to any graduation issues. 

Please see the online tutorials located here.

Click here to access materials presented by Dr. Janet Schulenberg on February 29, 2016 as part of Stockton's Precepting Symposium.