Faculty: Other Terms and Conditions

Emeritus Status Procedure

Emeritus or Emerita status is conveyed by action of the Board of Trustees to selected retiring faculty at the rank of Associate Professor or above, tenured with at least 10 years of service, who are in good standing with the College at the time of their retirement. It is awarded upon the recommendation of the President after consultation with the Provost. The latter will have consulted with the appropriate Dean and program faculty.

  • 2.1 The titles used for the retiring faculty will be Professor Emeritus or Professor Emerita.

Faculty Attendance and Leave Procedure 

The procedure covering both paid and unpaid leave and attendance rules are found here.  

Sabbatical Leaves

Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves are on the Office of Research and Sponsored Grants web page under Internal Grants.

Sick Leave Donation

Donated Leave Program for Ten Month Classified Staff and Ten Month Faculty

Faculty Administrative Agreements

Negotiated local agreements