Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


The Center for Teaching & Learning Design supports and acknowledges those faculty actively pursuing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

As we strive to help students learn more effectively in an ever-changing and challenging learning environment, the importance of educating ourselves on best practices in teaching becomes important not only for personal professional development, but for continued student success. Learning what helps our students learn and thrive in class, both in person and virtually, is the key to engaging a community of thinkers rich with knowledge and skillsets to excel in their eventual chosen professions.

Awards and Grants

Richter, Katrina. Adjunct Faculty Opportunity Award. “Writing Dance: Pedagogy and Practice.” Fiscal Year 23.

Performances and Exhibitions
Criscione-Naylor, Noel. "Atlantic City College to Offer Esports Degree as States Seek to Lead Sector." Interview with VIXIO Regulatory Compliance, February 23, 2023.
Published Works

Wolf, Kerrin and Michelle Previti. "The pop-up museum: A novel approach to project-based service-learning." The Journal of Excellence in College Teaching 34, no.2(2023): 5-32.

Albano, Donna, Jeff C. Lolli, and Angela Corbo. "The Role Faculty Can Play in Supporting Student Mental Health." In the proceedings of the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Educators (I-CHRIE) Annual Conference, 2022. 

Jones, Joy. "Motivation to Lead: Preparing Leaders of the Future through an Understanding of Communication Apprehension." International Journal of Business Communication (2022).


Albano, Donna, Jeff C. Lolli, and Angela Corbo. "The Role Faculty Can Play in Supporting Student Mental Health." In the proceedings of the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Educators (I-CHRIE) Annual Conference, 2022. 

Awards and Grants

Li, Zheng. Research and Professional Development Award. “Evaluating Student’s Computer Program Comprehension by Eye-Tracking Analysis.” Fiscal Year 23.

Books Published

Cerreto, Frank and Jung Lee. “Learner-generated visualizations and their evaluation: a generative learning perspective.” In Seeing across Disciplines: The Book of Selected Reading Series, 2022, edited by J. Lee, S. Beene, X. Chen, W. Huang, L. Okan, and F. Rodrigues, 65-78, International Visual Literacy Association Press, 2022.

Lee, Jung, S. Beene, X. Chen, W. Huang, L. Okan, and F. Rodrigues, editors. Seeing across disciplines: The book of selected readings 2022, International Visual Literacy Association, 2022. ISBN: 978-0-945829-15-7,  

Sweet, Sequetta. “Using critical reflection to deepen and assess graduate student learning.” In Elevating intentional education practice in graduate programs, edited by Abeni El-Amin, IGI Global, 2023.  

Published Works

Tracy-Bronson, Chelsea and S. Scribner. “Detect misconceptions, construct competence-aligned pedagogical practices, and use instructional strategies that decenter speech as a means to include autistic students.” Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education 21, no. 2 (2023).

Sweet, Sequetta. “Using guided critical reflection to discover deepened and transformative learning in leadership education.” Journal of Research on Leadership Education, (2022) 1-22. 


Tracy-Bronson, Chelsea and S. Scribner. "Misconceptions, Construct Competence-Aligned Pedagogical Practices and Instructional Strategies that Decenter Speech to Include Students with Autism." Presented at the Pacific Rim International Conference, Honolulu, HI. March 2023. 

Boakes, Norma. “Worthwhile tasks to engage, inspire and deepen math understanding for elementary level learners.” Presented session at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, October 2022.

Awards and Grants

Cydis, Susan. Career Development Committee Award. “Teachers College Professional Development.” Fiscal Year 23.

Sweet, Sequetta. Research and Professional Development Award. “Using Guided Critical Reflection to Discover Deepened Learning in Leadership Education.” Fiscal Year 23.

White, Meg. Provost Faculty Opportunities Award. “Training Peer Evaluators of Teaching.” Fiscal Year 23.

Awards and Grants

Nzuki, Francis. Sabbatical. “Examining Students’ Success Through the Analytic Lens of Math Identity and Agency.” Fiscal Year 23.

Published Works

Klein, Kathleen, Mary Lou Galantino, Tara Crowell, and Renee Cavezza. “The Abrupt Educational Switch: The Impact of COVID-19 & Lessons Learned for Health Science Faculty & Students.” Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice, online.

Yulong, Gu, Zornitsa Kalibatseva, Xu Song, and Sreelekha Prakash. “Effective use of online COVID-19 information and eHealth information literacy among US university students.” Journal of American College Health 1, no.8 (2022).  DOI:  10.1080/07448481.2022.2080505 


Copes, Amanda, Susan Pullman, Matthew Romen, and MaryAnn Schiattarella. "Teamwork Makes the Clinical Dream Work - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Clinical Education." Poster presented virtually at the Interprofessional Education Collaborative Poster Fair, November 2022.

Furphy, Kimberly and Vanessa Wiesner Luna. “An Introduction to Collaborative Online International Learning.”  Poster presented at the New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, Newark, NJ, October 2022.

Mannel, Rebecca and K.  Krejdovski. “The Benefits of an OT-Supported Education Program: A Case Report of a 20-Year-Old Undergraduate Student with ASD, Tourette’s Disorder, and Anxiety.” Poster presented at the AOTA Specialty Conference: Mental Health, Columbus, Ohio, December 2022. 

De Guzman, Alyssa Erin and Monika Pawlowska, Monika. “Experiences of Racially/Ethnically Diverse Undergraduate Students Pursuing Speech-Language Pathology.” Poster presented at the American Speech Language and Hearing Association Convention, New Orleans, LA, November 2022.

Published Works

Christensen, Dana and D. Lombardi. “Biological evolution learning and computational thinking: Enhancing understanding through integration of disciplinary core knowledge and scientific practice.” International Journal of Science Education (2022). doi: 10.1086/ahr.113.3.752. 

Christensen, Dana. “Computational thinking to learn environmental sustainability: A learning progression.” Journal of Science Education and Technology (2022). doi:10.1007/s10956-022-10004-1. 


Christensen, Dana. “Life Science Education & Practice: Through the Lens of Computational Thinking.”  Presented at the Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar, University of Rhode Island, Kingstown, RI. February 2023.

Cohn, Pamela, S. Rajaraman, and H. Acharya. “From book to bench: An introduction to polymer science in the undergraduate laboratory.”  Poster presented at Abstracts of Papers, Fall 2022 ACS National Meeting & Exposition, American Chemical Society, Chicago, IL, August 2022.

Zwick, Melissa and Ally Hunter. “Science Through Storytelling: Using Case Study Pedagogy as Inclusive Practice in Microbiology Classrooms.” Presented virtually at the Microbes and Social Equity (MSE) Virtual Symposium, July 2022.

Zwick, Melissa, Pat Marsteller, Elaine Beaulieu, Brian Bill, Denise Flaherty, Susan Gass, and Lisa Rezende. “Applying Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles to Case Studies.” Presented virtually at the 2022 Biology and Mathematics Educators (BIOME) Virtual Institute, July 2022.

Awards and Grants

Vogel, Judith. Career Development Committee Award. “Providing Entry-Level Research Opportunities to First-Generation Stockton Students.” Fiscal Year 23.

Pubished Works
- Sappio, Erin, Terrilyn Battle, B. DeLano, D. Foster, M. Hayden, and F. Berliner. "Experiences of Engaging in Contemplative-Reflexive Practices During Practicum." Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision 17, no. 2(2023).
Awards and Grants

Shobe, Elizabeth. Research and Professional Development Award. “Effects of retrieval practice on delayed tests in an authentic classroom.” Fiscal Year 23.


DeStasio, Joyce. "Common Reading Collab: Connecting with the First-Year Community." Presented session virtually at the Annual Conference of the Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey (VALE), January 2023.


DeFiore, Dayna. "Technology Adoption Increases Need and Value of a Hospitality Degree." International Journal of Gaming, Hospitalit and Tourism, April 2023.

Why bother with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

This paper argues that the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) matters on at least six interrelated levels.

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