Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Applied Physics

The Physics Program provides a strong background for students interested in scientific research, engineering, and for those who intend to pursue advanced degrees. Students are provided with ample opportunities to participate in research in a variety of fields.


The Biochemistry program bridges the chemical and biological sciences. Program focuses on how cells solve various biological problems and the role of the chemical components.


Program emphasizes the diversity of life-forms that have evolved and the wide range of levels at which they can be studied: molecular to ecosystem.


Program provides the understanding the behavior of living systems, apply chemistry to problems in physics, geology, environmental studies or marine science.

Environmental Science and Studies

The Program provides the understanding of how physical, biological and human components of the environment interact.


Provides a solid foundation in the traditional sub-disciplines of geology. These include courses in mineralogy, petrology, field methods, structural geology, sedimentology, and stratigraphy.

Marine Science

Encompasses two general areas of study: Marine Biology and Oceanography. The program is interdisciplinary and requires student competence in multiple areas of science (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics).


Provides background for employment possibilities including: Finance, Statistics, Computer Science, Cryptography, Science and Engineering, Teaching, Graduate School.


Program's focused study on topics such as alternative energy, pollution, conservation, public policy and law, and sustainability management in business and industry.


Dual Degree Programs

Health Professions

Provides a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics regardless of major. Ability to develop an individually tailored interdisciplinary degree program.

Engineering Dual-Degree Program

Joint program established with NJIT, Rowan, and Rutgers – Five-year program designed for motivated students who are well prepared in mathematics and science and interested in a challenging college

Accelerated BS/PSM Program

This is an Intensive five-year curriculum that offers students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Environmental Science. 


Certificate Programs

Energy Certificate

Educate students in the multifaceted problems associated with energy use in our society and to pose methods for possible solutions to problems.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Certificate

GIS is also a necessary tool in a decision-making process for strategic planning and location selection across disciplines.

Graduate Programs

PSM in Environmental Science

Offers working professionals and qualified undergraduates an education that is multidisciplinary and applications-oriented, preparing graduates for professional advancement in the business and regulatory worlds.

Data Science and Strategic Analytics

Offers substantial experience in sophisticated, industry standard, computational software and programming tools, prepares students to explore data driven problems in the science, business, social science, medicine and/or the humanities.

Coastal Zone Management

Prepares the next generation of coastal managers and scientists who will provide the expertise to government, private business and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with significant investments and concerns in the coastal zone.