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I am a high school senior applying to Stockton. Is there a separate application process for the Dual Engineering program?

No, there is no separate application process for the program. In your Stockton application, select Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry as your major and Engineering as a track.


I am a high school senior and, in my Stockton application, I did not select engineering as a track, how can I join the program?

During freshman orientation, inform your advisor of your interest. You will also need to fill out a special form early in your first semester at Stockton to declare the track. The form is available at Academic Advising.


How does the Dual Engineering program work?

Students in the program complete the mathematics, physics, chemistry, and general education course requirements for the engineering degree in addition to some basic engineering courses at Stockton in the first three years. These courses will be counted toward their Stockton degree as well as the engineering degree. At the end of the third year, qualified students in the program are automatically transferred to Rutgers, Rowan, or NJIT to complete the engineering curriculum. At the end of the fourth year, students in the program are qualified for the Bachelor in science degree from Stockton. The Bachelor (or Master) in engineering is awarded at the end of the program.


Can I select a different engineering school than Rutgers, Rowan or NJIT?

No, this dual-degree engineering program is offered only through Rutgers, Rowan and NJIT. It is established through articulation agreements that are signed by the involved schools. These schools are obliged to honor the terms and conditions of these agreements.


Would Rutgers, Rowan and NJIT accept all the courses I take at Stockton?

Courses in which a grade of C or better has been earned and are contained in the dual-degree curriculum will be accepted by each engineering school for its respective degree.


I am not sure yet which engineering field I would like to pursue. Do I need to declare an engineering field as soon as I start the Dual Degree program?

No, you do not need to declare an engineering field as soon as you start the program except I you are interested in chemical engineering. You have till the beginning of your second year in the program to select your engineering field.


I am not sure yet which engineering school, Rutgers, Rowan or NJIT, I would like to go to. Do I need to decide which school as soon as I start the Dual Degree program?

No, you do not need to make a decision about your prospective engineering school now. You will have till the time of your transfer to the engineering school to decide which one you would like to go to. However, selecting an engineering school early may give you more flexibility in your choice of general education courses. Also keep in mind that not all engineering fields are provided by every one of the engineering schools participating in this program.


Do I need to apply to Rutgers, Rowan or NJIT at the end of the third year?

Qualified students in the program at Stockton will be automatically transferred after the third year of their study at Stockton to NJIT, Rowan or Rutgers. No new SAT or ACT scores and no entrance examinations are required. Early in the spring of the third year, qualified students in the program need to meet with the engineering coordinator to initiate the automatic transfer process as stated by the articulation agreements between Stockton and the participating engineering schools.


What are the requirements to be qualified for the automatic transfer to the engineering school?

At the time of the automatic transfer the student must have a cumulative GPA of C+ or higher with at least a B average in science and mathematics in Stockton courses to be admitted to NJIT, and a cumulative GPA of B or higher with at least a B average in science and mathematics in Stockton courses to be admitted to Rutgers.

I am a Pre-Med student (or “pre-vet”, “pre-dent”, etc?), how do I register?

These “pre” designations are nothing more than internal auditing to insure that all of the pre requisite courses required for application to a professional school are taken. Majors are usually Biology or Chemistry although any other major is possible. For the articulation programs a BS in Biology or Biochemistry/Molecular Biology is necessary.


How does a six or seven dual degree program work?

Some courses taken the first year (or two) of professional school transfer back to Stockton and count as credit for the BS degree. Other than these transfer science courses, all other degree requirements must be met within the two or three years spent at Stockton. This obviously requires some very good planning along with full course loads every semester.


When do I apply for a dual degree program?

For the Rutgers Pharmacy School and Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine articulations you apply in the fall of your senior year in high school. Some of the programs also allow applications at the end of the freshman or sophomore years. The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine application is at the end of the sophomoreyear.


If accepted, what average must I maintain to remain in a dual degree program?

A 3.0 to a 3.5 depending of the program. All required science courses must be a “C” or better in some articulation programs while a “B” or better is required by others.


What happens if I drop out of the program or can’t maintain the required average?

You will still be able to complete your Biology or Biochemistry/Molecular Biology degree at Stockton.


What is the SAT requirement?

Pharmacy it is 1300 and Osteopathic Medicine is 1310 . If you enter an accelerated program after your sophomore year at Stockton, the SAT is not required (because we now have your college performance).


What percent of Stockton students get accepted to health profession schools?

We do not keep this type of statistic because it depends on who is included in the applicant pool. Anyone can call themselves a pre med or other “pre” something but only those with great GPAs and admissions test score get accepted. Our Health Professions Committee only interviews competitive students (high GPA and MCAT, DAT, GRE, etc. scores). Of those we interview probably 80-90 % are accepted. It’s your overall application package and performance that gets you into a professional school, not your college.

Waitlist and override procedures (examples: needing lecture but not lab or vice versa).

Student may waitlist via the Stockton web site for lab sections only. Once a lab section opens, student will be notified by email. At this point, student may then register for their lab as well as any open lecture section. If there are no lecture sections open, student should inquire with the NAMS Office (609.652.4546) for assistance in registering for a lecture.


Process for taking a course(s) at another institution.

Visit Academic Advising


How can I change or request a grade change, incompletes or grading inquiries?

Please refer to the Academic Advising page for additional information: Grading System


Am I on the Deans List?

Your grades and the number of earned credits determine eligibility for Deans List. Please check with the office of Student Records and Registration and visit the Academic Affairs page for additional information: Dean's List.


How do I get my dipolma? Can I pick my diploma up early – not walking – leaving country?

Diplomas for those students who are officially graduated, have met the application deadline and have no outstanding obligations to the university will be have their diplomas mailed to them after graduation. The Bachelor's diploma size is 8.5' x 11". The Masters diploma size is 11" x 14".

If you will not attend the graduation ceremony, all diplomas are mailed out 60 days after the end of the term ends. You can contact Students Records.


Who can I contact if I have questions about Plants?

You can contact Dr. Peter Straub or Dr. Kathy Sedia from the Biology Program.

I have some issues with my professor, what I can do?

Students should first try speaking with the Professor and then with the Program Coordinator, if problem was not resolved with the professor. If, after meeting with the Program Coordinator, you still have not resolved your issue, students should request a Student Complaint Form from the NAMS Administrative Office (USC1-240 | 609.652.4546) and then make an appointment to speak with the Assistant Dean.


How do I get to the Marine Field Station?

From the Main Campus:

College Drive north to Rt. 575; turn right onto Rt. 575, go over GSP and past Moss Mill Road and then bear left at the first fork; at the second fork (Pomona Ave.) bear left again; travel past Port Republic school and a graveyard; at “T” intersection, turn left onto Old NY Road; take a right at the first stop sign (Rt. 575 again); again at the first stop sign make a sharp right onto Rt. 9 south; proceed south on Rt. 9 about one mile and make a left onto Wilson Ave.; Marine Field Station parking is one half block down Wilson Ave.

From Northern New Jersey:

Take Garden State Parkway to exit 48; continue on Rt. 9 south for approximately one mile; turn left onto Wilson Ave.

From Southern New Jersey:

Take Garden State Parkway north to exit 50 (New Gretna); take first available left to get back onto GSP south; follow directions from Northern New Jersey.

Take Atlantic City Expressway to Garden State Parkway north (exit 7N); follow directions from Southern New Jersey.

From Atlantic City:
Travel west on Rt. 30 to Rt. 9; turn right onto Rt. 9 north; travel through Smithville, approximately 6 miles north of Rt. 30; travel approximately 3 miles north of Smithville (Wawa and CVS); go over a bridge and make the immediate right onto Wilson Ave.