Using Snippets

Snippets are a type of reusable content that allow for easy editing of advanced page layouts.

Snippets are often used for pieces of content with specific formatting, such as tables, buttons, and displaying quotes or images.

Using snippets for design elements ensures consistent styling across pages. The video and links on this page will show you how to use snippets on your pages.

Using Snippets


Using Snippets on Pages

  1. While in an editable region, select the "Insert Snippet" icon A black puzzle piece icon from the toolbar.
  2. Choose a snippet to add to the page.
  3. Click Insert to place the snippet on the page.
  4. Fill out the snippet as desired with content.
    • A common type of snippet is a table transformation, where the snippet appears in the editable region as a table that you fill out. Then, when you save and preview, the information you entered in the table is transformed to a more complex style/layout.
    • The snippets on your site are unique to your page design. For specific questions about what content should go in a snippet, contact a web administrator at your institution.
  5. Save your changes and preview the page rto see how the snippet displays.

Removing a snippet from a page depends on the snippet content. If it's a table, right-click the table and select "Delete Table." Otherwise, click and drag your cursor to highlight the unwanted content, and then hit Backspace or Delete.