Performance Assessment Review (PAR)

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***Please note - if you did not use ePAR for the 2019 cycle and received deliquent email notifications for the final PAR for 2019 you can ignore them.  Notifications can either be turned off or turned on ePAR - we do not have a way to turn off notifications for particular PAR cycles.***

The PAR (Performance Assessment Review) is the performance review system used for all classified employees.  PAR provides an excellent opportunity for an employee and their supervisor to communicate about job performance, job satisfaction, and plans for the employee's future performance. Performance management, through the PAR program, is used to define, assess, and enhance employee performance and operational outcomes. It helps employees understand organizational goals and their role in achieving those goals and serving the University.

For the 2019-2020 review cycle, all PARs for Stockton classified employees will be conducted through the NJ state ePAR (Electronic Performance Assessment Review) system. Please follow the directions in the Self Registration document below to gain access to the system.

If you have questions about the ePAR process please contact Tristan Stoltzfus at or at ext. 5822.

Where are we in the PAR cycle?

  NJ ePAR system

Classified employees and supervisors gain access to the ePAR system through the My New Jersey Portal.

  2019-2020 ePAR Cycle & Timeline

  Trainings on completing the ePAR

ePAR General Training

The Office of Human Resources hosted one hour ePAR training sessions from mid-August through early October.  These sessions were for ALL employees involved in the PAR program - both employees being evaluated and supervisors/managers conducting evaluations.  Each session reviewed the basics of the PAR program (timeline, cycle, roles, responsibilities, sections of PAR, etc.) and a tutorial of how to access and use the ePAR system. If you missed this training the most important thing you will need to do is to set up your access to the ePAR system.  The ePAR Self Registration document will walk you through how to gain access to the online system.  Please note:  you will need an Employee ID to set up your access - please contact Tristan Stoltzfus (ext. 5822) to get your Employee ID number.

Slides from this training

  2018-2019 PAR Cycle

Do you have a PAR in process for 2018-2019?  The cycle ends September 30, 2019.  Below are the links to the "paper" forms.

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