Performance Assessment Review (PAR)

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The PAR (Performance Assessment Review) is the performance review system used for all classified employees.  PAR provides an excellent opportunity for an employee and their supervisor to communicate about job performance, job satisfaction, and plans for the employee's future performance. Performance management, through the PAR program, is used to define, assess, and enhance employee performance and operational outcomes. It helps employees understand organizational goals and their role in achieving those goals and serving the University.

All ePARs for Stockton classified employees are conducted through the NJ state ePAR (Electronic Performance Assessment Review) system. Please follow the directions in the Self Registration document below to gain access to the system.

If you have questions about the ePAR process please contact Tristan Stoltzfus at  or at 609-626-4384 (x 5822). 

Where are we in the PAR cycle?

PAR cycle

initial ePAR cycle

Need a refresher on completing the initial ePAR?

Need a refresher on completing the final evaluation in ePAR?

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  2023-2024 ePAR Cycle & Timeline

 ePAR Training

New to ePAR? Use these training videos to get oriented.

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