HR Toolkits

HR Toolkits

Manager & Department Toolkit for Welcoming New Employees

New employees are a tremendous asset to the Stockton University community. The University’s employees are our most critical investment in achieving our vision, mission, and goals. Long term retention of any new employee starts at recruitment. This website was designed with the ultimate goal of ensuring that new employees will have a clear path to productivity leading to success in the workplace. 

Now that you have your new employee hired with a planned start date, you want to foster their (and your) success. Use the Manager & Department Checklist for New Employees to ensure that you have all of the needed elements to help get your employee off to the best possible start.  This checklist is broken down into the following sections:  tasks to complete prior to the employee starting, tasks to complete on the employee's first full day of work, tasks to complete on the employee's first month, etc. 

The links listed below are sample emails departments can utilize when welcoming the new employee as well as communicating the addition of a new employee to the department. 

During New Hire Orientation all employees are introduced to the mission of the University, how the University is organized, as well as basic expectations for all University employees. In addition, it is important to have a department and role specific orientation/training for your new employees as this process can help them grasp department processes and get better acquainted with job role in a timely manner.

The following resources have been created to help you in building training, orientation activities and schedules for your new employee with the ultimate goal of ensuring that they will have a clear path to productivity.  

This section is a repository of best pratices and resources made available to you for welcoming new employees. 

Buddy System 

Research shows that providing a new employee with a buddy will help reduce the initial confusion and uncertainty faced by all new employees. A buddy also supports the manager by allowing them to focus on job-specific issue as well as help the employee feel welcome and affirm their decision to join the department and University.

In addition, a buddy is a team member who partners with a new or transferring employee during their first 3-6 months on the job. They offer advice, resources, and guidance regarding the day-to-day aspects of working in the department and at Stockton. Below you can find more information on how to utilize a buddy system and sample communication. 


Further Readings 

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provides best practices for employee orientation, training and onboarding for new hires. The article below provides guidance for welcoming your new employee as well as providing ideas for the first day of work, first couple months,  up to the sixth month mark. 

Please stay tuned as we develop more toolkits in the near future!


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