HLTH Faculty Resources

The information contained below is intended for use by faculty and staff in the School of Health Sciences only.  While much of the information is drawn directly from University policies and procedures, some of it is very School-specific and other Schools may do things differently in some cases.  That said, we hope you find the information below useful and helpful.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HLTH office.

General Information

If it is necessary to cancel a class, please notify the HLTH office, preferably by email (shsfacultywork@stockton.edu). Please notify your class via email and a  cancellation sign will be posted on the classroom door with any additional information you request. Class cancellations for personal reasons will be counted as sick time. If you are out for more than one class day (e.g., Monday & Wednesday) the intervening day will also be recorded as sick time. If you intend for the class to run as scheduled in your absence, please make every effort to have a program colleague cover the class for you.

For all absences, please complete the Faculty/Staff Absence form and submit it to the HLTH office, either as an email attachment (cc Brenda Sterling) or in person.

Initial classroom assignments are made by the Office of the Registrar and are subject to change for at least the first few weeks after the schedule is made viewable. If you have specific classroom requests or believe there will be an issue with your rooms as assigned, please notify Amanda Allen in the HLTH office by email. We will make every effort to ensure that your rooms meet the needs of your classes, but due to space limitations, it may not always be possible to fulfill every request.

Please do remember to check your rooms before the start of the semester, so that we can minimize issues once the semester starts. You are more than welcome to make arrangements to switch rooms with other instructors on your own, but please notify the office immediately so that we can maintain the accuracy of the class schedule online and make sure there are no unforeseen issues.

Requests for lab reservations can be made by emailing Amanda Allen in the HLTH office, or can be sent directly to the office of Information Technology Services by filling out their online request form.  Regular or recurring lab reservations are best made prior to the start of the semester.  Please note that there is a separate process (internally for I.T.S.) for scheduling labs during the final/extended week, and that regular lab assignments may not carry over. Lab requests for the final week should be made as early as possible in the same manner as a regular lab request, but labs will not be assigned until later in the semester.

Routine copy requests should be submitted two business days in advance. You can email the HLTH office (shsfacultywork@stockton.edu) for any copy requests, or use the work request forms in the copy room.  Copy requests of high volume or for color copies will be sent to the print shop. Be sure to leave ample time for job completion.  Copies should be made on the large Canon machine only. Whenever possible, please make copies on the front and back side of the page in order to save paper. (For large or more complex jobs - please submit a request, at least a week in advance.) Please consult a HLTH administrative assistant if you need assistance with your copy requests.  If at all possible, go green and digital.

All HLTH faculty should be connected to the "HealthScience_ColorCanon" printer located in the back room of the HLTH Administrative Office (HSC 215). If you do not see this option from your office computer, please let Nora Kennedy know and she will get you connected. This printer can be used at any time as needed. Your faculty/staff ID badge will let you swipe into the office during off hours.  

Please submit this form at least six weeks before your lecture. Please email Kent Mayhew kent.mayhew@stockton.edu with any questions

Business card requests should be submitted to Nora Kennedy, please allow one week for request to be completed. In your request please state which style you would like (seal or trees).  Business cards are purchased in orders of 100 cards.

Seal Business Card Example

Tree Business Card Example



Purchasing, Funding and Travel

For Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24), Health Sciences’ professional development funds are as follows:

  • Tenured Faculty – $1,200.00
  • NTTP Faculty – $1,200.00
  • Professional Staff – $1,200.00​
  • Distinguished Faculty – $2,500.00​
  • Tenure-Track Faculty – $2,600.00​
  • Program Chairs – One conference​, at the discretion of your program’s budget

These funds are distributed through the Provost Office and are available for ONE fiscal year: July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024.

However, please see the “Purchasing Deadlines” tab above for deadlines and more information.

A short PDF document regarding Health Sciences purchasing guidelines and suggestions for utilizing professional development funds can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Additional funding for travel and research may be available through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) via Internal Awards/R&PD. Please check their website for available awards, guidelines for application, deadlines, and more.

For FY24, we are working on creating deadlines for purchasing and utilization of professional development funding. These deadlines may be changed or updated once again before the Spring 2024 semester, but for Fall 2023, the purchasing deadlines are as follows:

 *****Equipment order deadline for the entirety of FY24 – NOVEMBER 1, 2023*****

This includes:

  • Program order requests for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
  • Professional development requests for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
  • Completed Chrome River pre-approvals for any Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 travel, conferences, continuing education courses, etc.

Any requests that utilize program or professional development funds after November 1st, 2023 will require approval from the Dean of Health Sciences. Please send Dean Arnold an email (brent.arnold@stockton.edu) with your request and include the budget coordinator (haley.hancharuk@stockton.edu).


Exceptions to this rule are external grants only. External grants are provided from an outside funder and sometimes are on a different schedule than a fiscal year.

ALL travel and conference requests require a Chrome River pre-approval. Your Chrome River pre-approval MUST be fully approved before anything can be purchased using the department pcard or travel pcard. Any purchases made via personal credit card will be reimbursed AFTER the travel has occurred.

Travel during the month of June requires the return date to be within the month of June. Any conferences with a return date after June 30th will utilize professional development funds from the following fiscal year if any reimbursements are due.

University Travel Procedures, Chrome River assistance, and access to Chrome River can be found on the Accounts Payable Travel Page.

Alternatively, access to Chrome River can be found HERE (make sure you’re logged into the GoPortal before clicking this link).

Please click HERE to download a step-by-step Chrome River tutorial PDF. This PDF goes into step-by-step visual detail of the Chrome River pre-approval process. Any feedback on this document is appreciated and can be sent to haley.hancharuk@stockton.edu.

A video on how-to create a Chrome River pre-approval demonstrating what documents are needed for both pre-approvals and expense reports will be available after the first week of the Fall 2023 semester. Please check back soon.

A printable checklist for all common variations of Chrome River pre-approvals will be available after the first week of the Fall 2023 semester. Please check back soon.

Each program and grant, has their own fund, organization, and program. Please reach out to your program chair or to Haley (Haley.Hancharuk@stockton.edu) directly if you have any questions regarding the “organization/fund/program” needed for the Chrome River pre-approval.

For off-campus travel, please be sure to book refundable accommodations whenever possible in case of event cancellation.

All domestic off-campus travel must be completed AT LEAST four weeks prior to the travel start date. All international travel must be completed AT LEAST six weeks prior to the travel start date. This gives the pre-approval time to go through the system, if there are any errors that need correction on the pre-approval. International travel requires additional approval, so please plan accordingly.

Information regarding international travel can be found on the Office of Global Engagement's International Travel page.

ALL off-campus travel requires the submission of a Request for Approval for Attendance at Eventsform. When completing the form, please put Brent.Arnold@stockton.edu in the line for supervisor’s email. If you are having issues with the RAAE form, please reach out to Doctor Valerie Hayes Valerie.hayes@stockton.edu in the office of Diversity & Inclusion.

ALL computer, hardware, and software purchases require a quote requested from the office of Information and Technology Services before the purchase can be made. If you know the specifics of what you would like ordered, please reach out to Haley and let her know. She will work with ITS to receive a quote for the best pricing available.

Please be advised that, while Amazon offers laptops, iPads, computers, etc., we are not able to order from Amazon without approval for ANY ITS hardware or software.

Scheduling Events and Catering

The Health Sciences Conference Room or other spaces around campus can be reserved by emailing Nora Kennedy. Please include the meeting name, number of expected attendees, and any support needs (I.T. assistance, tables and chairs, etc.).

Space can be reserved by contacting the Office of Event Services at Event.Services@Stockton.edu.  Please include the event name or purpose for the reservation, number of expected attendees, and any support needs (I.T. assistance, tables and chairs, etc.).  If the event involves catering, please follow the steps below.

***Virtual events must be scheduled in the same way as in-person events, so that they are recorded on the University's event calendar***

  • Catering orders need to be placed no less than three weeks before the event. 
  • All program catering requests must be approved with program budgets. 
  • Assuming catering request was approved, contact Event Services (see above) about your event including set-ups for the room (tables, electronics, etc.). Be sure to indicate that catering will be requested as certain rooms are not configured for catering.
  • If your order has changed from previous receptions, you can view the catering options online at www.stockton.catertrax.com.
  • Catering orders require a Chrome River before the order is placed. The catering order must be placed by a HLTH staff member. Haley Hancharuk or Nora Kennedy will create the Chrome River for the catering event.
  • Please email the following to Haley or Nora so they can create a Chrome River for catering:
    • The Event Services confirmation that includes the room/location of the event
    • An agenda for your event
    • The catering request
    • Expected number of attendees (please distinguish how many will be faculty/staff members)
    • Type of attendees (students, members of the outside community, etc.)
    • A flyer, brochure, or other advertisement of the event (an email advertisement is acceptable)
  • The day of the event you must circulate a sign-in sheet and have guests write their names on the sign-in sheet. You may not email a list of attendees in lieu of submitting a sign-in sheet. An example sign-in sheet can be downloaded here: sign-in sheet. The only exceptions for a sign in sheet are pinning ceremonies or graduation ceremonies. The program brochure with a list of graduating students will suffice.
  • Please return the sign-in sheet to Haley or Nora within 7 days of the event.

Programs, invitations, etc. need to be requested to Nora Kennedy  no less than five weeks before needed. Graphic’s mandate a four-week working period and the Print Shop needs at least a week to process orders. Please email Nora Kennedy with all relevant information regarding the event and request needs. 

Scholarly Activity Reports

Information on scholarly and professional activity formerly reported for each Board of Trustees meeting and disseminated in Board Books is now collected four times throughout the year and published in an annual Scholarly and Professional Activity report.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Design has created the Scholarly and Professional Activity Reference Page, which provides detailed information on the Chicago style citation formats and the categories for submissions.  

The activity reported must meet the following guidelines:

  • Individual, rather than office accomplishments
  • External, rather than internal (Stockton) events, where the participant had a role beyond attending or performing their daily activities
  • Accomplishments that are directly connected to our strategic themes
  • Staff and faculty activity should be submitted to your School liaison (Brenda Sterling) in the correct citation format, using the Chicago Manual of Style

Teaching and Precepting Resources

You can quickly and easily email all of the students in a particular class from your Stockton email account using the following format - "semester-course@stockton.edu". For example, if you are trying to email HLTH 1101-001 in the Fall 2025 semester, you would use the address, "fall2025-hlth1101001@stockton.edu".  When emailing summer classes, be sure to use the correct section number (101 vs. 001).

You can also email students directly from the "summary class list" online. At the bottom of the list there is an "Email class" link.  Clicking it will open a new message with all of the students' email addresses in the "bcc:" field. There are also links to email each student individually.

The final week of the semester is designed so that every class with regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings gets one last two-hour meeting for final exams, projects, presentations, etc. Please refer to the Final Week schedules on the Calendars page so that you can plan accordingly.  Please note that meetings for hybrid classes are scheduled a little differently than regular face-to-face classes.  Those meeting patterns are described below the schedule grid.  Additionally, computer lab reservations do not carry over from the regular class schedule and must be reserved separately (please refer to the Computer Labs section under "General Info" above).

Instructors can make grade changes for the current or past two semesters using the "Grade Change" link under "Faculty Advising Tools" on the Faculty tab in the Portal.  Once a change is submitted, both the instructor and student will receive a confirmation email.  The change will be visible on the student's transcript and the "Grade Summary" screen but not on the "Final Grades" screen. Changes can only be made to A - F, I and X grades. For changes in other situations, please contact the Assistant Dean or the Office of the Registrar (registrar@stockton.edu).

To assign an Incomplete in place of a grade, the "Agreement for Completion of Coursework" form (also available on the Faculty tab under "Faculty Resources") must be filled out, signed by both the instructor and student, and submitted to the Assistant Dean for approval.  The form will be sent to the Office of the Registrar (who will input the "I" grade) and a copy will remain on file in the HLTH office.

In order to offer an Independent Study to a student, both the instructor and student must complete the downloadable form (also available on the Faculty tab under "Faculty Resources"). Once complete, the student must bring the form to the HLTH office for approval (and GENS if it is for "G" credit or has an attribute attached), then to the Bursar's Office and the Office of the Registrar (in that order). A copy of the form will be kept on file in the HLTH office.

All major and minor changes/declarations must be submitted digitally. To make a request, the student should log into their Go Stockton portal. Access their Student Services tab > Student Tools > Change of Major/Minor. Students interested in any of the Health Sciences majors are subject to review (specific math scores needed).

If a student wishes to change their preceptor, faculty must complete the "Form for Accepting a New Preceptee," also located in the portal on the Faculty tab under Faculty Advising Tools, in order to add the student to their roster.

To make adjustments to a student's degree evaluation (Degree Works), the "Degree Works Adjustment" form (also available on the Academic Advising website) should be completed and signed by the student's preceptor, approved and signed by the Program Chair and Assistant Dean, and forwarded to the Academic Advising office. 

Stockton University (SU) students have the benefit of two routes to admission into the DPT program.

  1. "3 + 3" Alternative Format Program- Student is highly encouraged to consult with preceptor. 
    1. Students must have earned a minimum of 64 credits at the time of application.
    2. Must have 96 undergraduate credits by the end of the spring semester in the academic year which the student applies.
    3. Must complete a baccalaureate degree by the end of the spring semester of the first year of the DPT program.
    4. May have a maximum of 2 prerequisite courses outstanding as of the spring semester in the academic year the applicant applies.  These courses must be completed by the end of that spring semester.  Offers of admission are contingent upon evidence of successful completion of all pre-requisite courses.
    5. To complete all ten prerequisite courses (listed here) by the fall of their 3rd year, students will need to take at least 1-2 prerequisites each semester.  
  2. Traditional Format Program
    1. Stockton students may apply if they complete their SU baccalaureate degree by the end of the spring semester in which the applicant applies.