What Are My Options?

All programs can be found on Stockton's education abroad portal - ViaTRM

All matriculated students on Stockton-approved programs abroad pay a $200 study abroad fee. Non-matriculated students pay $300.


Exchange Programs

  • Study abroad at one of Stockton's Global Partner Institutions.
  • Pay Stockton's tuition & fees. Housing and meals costs are dependent on the partner institution.
  • Complete the course pre-approval form in order for credits to be transfered back to Stockton after your program abroad.
Long-term: One or two semesters

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Provider Program

  • Study abroad through a diverse list of third-party providers. 
  • Fill out 2 applications (Stockton application + Provider specific application) 
  • Pay tuition & fees to the provider. 
  • Complete the pre-approval form so credits will be transfered back to Stockton after your program abroad. 

More access to diverse programs
Long-term: 3 weeks to one year

Faculty-Led Program

  • Combination of an academic course with a travel component, involves a cost fee. 
  • Registration required as part of a course, with travel occuring either at the beginning, during a break, or at the end of a semester. 
  • FLPs are led by one or two Stockton faculty or staff who travel with students.  
Short-term, affordable, experiential learning. 

National Student Exchange (NSE)

  • Study for a semester or a year at one of over 200 institutions throughout the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands.
  • Pay regular Stockton tuition. Cost of room and board will depend on the host institution.

Closer to home and affordable.

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Petition Program

  • Directly enroll in a target institution.
  • Complete the Petition form and submit all required documents. 
  • Pay the tuition and fee to the target institution. 
  • Complete the course pre-approval form in order for credits to be transfered back to Stockton after your program abroad.

Petition programs are subject to be reviewed by your preceptor, Dean, and the Director of the Office of Global Engagement, and are not guaranteed to receive approval. Petition programs will not be approved if existing programs will provide the same academic content.

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Research, Internships, Service-Learning, Virtual Programs

Discover diverse opportunities through our study abroad programs, including research, internships, service-learning, and virtual options. Engage in cutting-edge research, gain professional experience with global organizations, and contribute to community service projects while earning academic credit. For flexibility, explore our virtual programs, offering global experiences and professional development without travel.

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