Education Abroad Applications

Education Abroad Application Deadlines*

Winter/Spring Semester October 1
Summer/Fall Semester or Academic Year March 1
Faculty-led Program FLP-specific


*The deadlines listed are for the Stockton application only. You also will be responsible completing your selected Provider's application simultaneously, and adhering to any deadlines that they may have. 


You can start to plan your education abroad at any time! 


When you are thinking about: What is Education Abroad? Should I study abroad? Can I? You're on the right track.

You will have plenty of opportunities to discuss your ideas and goals with Office of Global Engagement, your Academic Advisor/Preceptor, faculty-led program leaders, and consult education abroad alumni as well as your friends and parents!  

You will compare various education abroad programs on their academic experience, costs, and services and choose one program that best suits your goals and needs! 

You will participate in workshops, explore various scholarships, complete the applications, preparing necessary documents and completing pre-depature training


(Stockton Faculty-led Program to Taiwan, 2020)


Office of Global Engagement is always your first stop when you are thinking about education abroad! 

We will discuss with you about all the information related to education abroad, including education abroad programs, costs, terms, credit transfer, and so on. We are located in F-101-q at the Galloway Campus, and contact us at or call us at 609-626-5532. 

We look forward to exploring this life-changing journey with you! 

Education Abroad Monthly Workshop

Office of Global Engagemenet provides Education Abroad 101 Workshops every month. It is mandatory that all education abroad students have to attend one workshop. 

In these 30-min workshops, we provide a brief introduction about education abroad, including:

  • education abroad eligibility criteria and updates
  • education abroad advising process
  • available program and program selection
  • curriculum matching and course approvals for a semester abroad
  • financial aid, scholarship, and other funding sources
  • step by step instructions on completing a study abroad application
  • additional useful resources

We offer Education Abroad 101 Sessions every Tuesday at 4:30pm. Please check out our event schedules for the location. 


Education Abroad Advising 

Email to make appointment to discuss your education abroad ideas. 

Make an appointment with us now

Education Abroad  Workshop/Info Session
We are offering several workshops/info sessions on education abroad. The topics include:
  • Gilman Education Abroad Scholarship Info Session
  • Gilman Education Abroad Scholarship Writing Boot Camp
Please see Event Calendar for topics and dates of our upcoming events.

Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

All study abroad students are required to attend the Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation. The semseter-long program orientation is usually scheduled on the first Saturday after the semester ends. 

We will provide a group orientation for education abroad through Providers and individual course orientation for faculty-led programs. 

How to Choose an Education Abroad Provider? 
Please check our Education Abroad Programs to learn more which programs work the best for you. There are a variety of education abroad programs provided and presented to us. 

Please communicate with providers, exchange institutions, or faculty-led program leaders to explore more information about these programs. 

It’s good to start narrowing down your list by asking the basic questions like,

  • Does the organization have the programs I want? (major, minor, or area of interest)
  • In the places I want?
  • What do I want to do outside of the classroom? (Internships, service learning, volunteer)

These will help you figure out what you want to do while you’re abroad.

(Reference: The Forum on Education Abroad- Picking a Provider)

Once you’ve shortened your list a bit, here are some things to consider and questions to ask of organizations—using the Standards—when deciding how to pick a study abroad provider:

  • What is your mission?
    Has the organization you are considering written and distributed its mission, goals, objectives, and outcomes? Make sure that what they stand for aligns with what you stand for!
  • How do you prioritize education in your programming?
    Organizations shall ensure that education is at the core of their program design and implementation. It’s education abroad, not vacation
  • What aid do you offer?
    Providers should offer information on financial topics that include: all costs of participation (including meals, housing, excursions, travel to and from the site, etc.), financing options, financial aid, scholarships, loans, budgeting (including how much extra spending money you’ll need), and currency conversation and exchange rates. They may also have resources to other funding options, too.
  • What is your code of ethics?
    It might be awkward to ask a representative from the organization if they are ethical or not, so maybe plan to do some googling on this one. The provider you choose should follow a code of ethics (either The Forum’s or an internal version). They should consider the social, cultural, economic, and environmental impact of their programming!
  • Does the organization prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion?
    How has the organization made education abroad accessible to all? Do they emphasize equity, diversity, and inclusion in their program design, goals, etc.?
  • My health and safety are important to me. How will you help me care for myself abroad? What are your emergency and preparedness plans?
    You’re right—your health and wellness are non-negotiables. Know if the organization provides insurance or if you’ll need to get your own. What does that insurance cover? Also, can they help with access to counseling services if needed? What if you need to go to the doctor or emergency room or get medication? Just as they need to have plan in place while abroad, you need to plan—and advocate for—your health and wellness, too.
  • Can you help me get my visa?
    Obtaining a visa can feel overwhelming but many organizations offer help! See if the organization you’re interested in provides this service.
  • Which curricular and co-curricular activities and programming do you provide or can I have access to?
    This is valuable to enrich the study abroad experience. Think cultural immersion…
  • How will I interact with the community?Again, it’s important that the organization you choose helps you immerse in the local culture. In turn, they should also provide you with opportunities to reflect on the impact of those experiences on yourself and those you meet.
  • I want to take a language while on a program—how will you make sure I’m in the right classes abroad?
    Learning a language abroad? Make sure the organization will evaluate your competencies to be sure you’re in the correct course level.
  • Do you have programming to help transition me into (and out of) the culture?
    While everyone’s experience is unique, it’s important to note that the transitions aren’t always seamless. Your provider should be able to help by providing the tools you need to succeed!
  • How is education abroad helpful for my career?
    Organizations should support you in understanding and articulating the benefits of education abroad—both in identifying transferrable skills and how to apply the experience to your career goals.
(Reference: The Forum on Education Abroad- Picking a Provider)

After you talked with the Office of Global Engagement and checked various education abroad programs, you should have a more solid idea of education abroad. It is time for you to  make an appointment with your Academic Advisor/Preceptor and tell them that you'd like to explore the opportunity of education abroad. 

You will discuss with them about Where, When, and What you plan to study abroad. Based on these information, your Academic Advisor/Preceptor will work with you to design and choose the education abroad program that works the best for you especially on coursese you should take abroad and at Stockton. 

You should discuss with your Academic Advisor/Preceptor to complete this Education Abroad Course Selection Form


  • Find courses you want to take during your study abroad and fill out the left column
  • Discuss with your Academic Advisor/Preceptor about the course you're interested to take
  • Your Academic Advisor/Preceptor will decide the Stockton courses that are equivalent to the courses you will take abroad. 
  • Complete the Form and send it back to the Office of Global Engagement. 

Stockton Study Abroad Course Selection Form

You may need to submit two separate education abroad applications.

Application 1: Stockton University Education Abroad Application

You will need to complete an online Stockton study abroad application that includes the following:

  • Application Essay
  • Consent for Treatment
  • Disciplinary Record
  • Provider Application (complete separately through you provider's webpage)
  • Travel Waiver
  • 2* Recommendation letters (send requests electronically on your application)
  • Copy of Health Insurance Card
  • Copy of valid Passport
  • Emergency Contact Info
  • $200 Application Fee
  • Cost Sheet
  • Course Selection Sheet
  • Safety Quiz

To create a Stockton application, please contact  

Application 2: Provider's/Host Institution's Application
Some study abroad programs might require another separate application with the Providers (i.e. Semester-long Provider Program) or Host Institutions (i.e. Exchange Program) on their websites and their application fee.