Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Even with information at hand, there are questions that arise regarding studying abroad, the process, or needing a refresher.  Below are some frequently asked questions.  

Please note, as per FERPA, we cannot discuss student information with parents. 

Providers are third party vendors that Stockton has made agreements with regarding studying abroad. They provide on 24/7 onsite information, resources, and assistance if needed. Additionally, they allow us to offer the large number of courses, locations, and deals to study abroad. Additionally, they help to keep costs down for our students.

The providers all require an application to study abroad to facilitate their process for placement, scholarships, discounts, and courses. Stockton has its separate application for our decisions on studying abroad, gathering of important information, etc. The application deadlines for both may be different, so please check with your provider.

If you study abroad during the semester, you will most likely take 4 courses, which count as 3 credits per course. This means you would transfer back 12 credits. Since Stockton typically sees students take 4 courses are 4 credits each, you may need to take a 5th course at some point during your collegiate career to stay on pace. Thanks to Stockton's flexible tuition, taking 5 courses will not cost any more than taking 4 courses.

Yes, you will be required to be a part of a face to face meeting to go over your options and costs associated with studying abroad.

Yes, you will still be registered as an active student here at the University.

Yes! All FAFSA related money, Stockton Scholarships, loans can be used towards your experience. (NJ STARS II may not be applied in all scenarios. Please consult with the Financial Aid Office for further information.)
When you apply to study abroad, Stockton charges a $200 application fee. That is all that Stockton collects from you for your study abroad experience. Any money for the semester abroad you would have spent here, can be put towards studying abroad.
Yes! In fact, some providers will give additional discounts or credits for "study abroad buddies." Check with your provider for more info.
Studying abroad can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $9,000 for a summer session, and from $13,000 to the low $20,000 per semester (Spring/Fall).
Freshmen must complete two consecutive semesters at Stockton before they are allowed to go abroad. Therefore, you can start applying during your second consecutive semester here.
Transfer students are eligible to study abroad based on the number of credits they transfer in with. For example, if you transfer into Stockton as a Junior, you are eligible to study abroad your second semester here. Second semester sophomore and less, you may have to wait for your third semester.
You should start applying the semester before you plan on going away to Study Abroad. For example, if you wish to study during the Spring (and are eligible to do so) then the prior Fall semester you would begin completing the Stockton application.
Yes, you can! You may apply up to a year in advance, though the prices may vary with more time between your application and your departure.
Please check with your chosen provider for more information. Some providers offer incentives to apply earlier, such as larger discounts, free airfare, or lower prices.
You should start saving now! Study Abroad does cost a bit more money in many cases, and the sooner you save, the better!
Stockton's Study Abroad Scholarships deadlines and requirements are posted on the scholarship page. For external scholarships, please check with different providers and scholarship web site.
You should start preparing for your study abroad experience by getting an idea of what you should bring. Check with your provider on what is provided to you.
There will be a Re-entry dinner that we request you to attend, so you can share your stories, experiences, and enjoy the company of other study abroad students.

Still have questions?

If your question is not here, nor could you locate an answer within our website, please contact our Study Abroad Advisor:, 609-626-5532.

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