Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Digital Studies

Digital Studies B.A.

The Digital Studies program provides a practitioner-based curriculum that produce well-rounded graduates who are prepared to excel in every aspect of media and emerging technology and meet global demands.

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies B.A. (LIBA)

This major is an option for students whose educational or career goals or academic interests are not met by any of Stockton’s existing degree programs. The Liberal B.A. permits students to design a complete 128-credit interdisciplinary program suited to their individual needs and plans.

Liberal Studies with a concentration in community leadership and civic engagement

Liberal Studies B.A.
with concentration in Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (LIBA/CLCE)

This LIBA major with a concentration in Community Leadership and Civic Engagement is an option for students to concentrate their individualized learning plans in community-engaged ways, and learn the knowledge, skills and values to participate meaningfully in their social environments.



Cannabis Studies

Cannabis Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Cannabis Studies offers students a foundation for understanding the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Student at a Computer

Digital Literacy and Multimedia Design

This minor provides students with a balance of practical knowledge and advanced technology skills, as well as theoretical foundations to thrive in the digital world.

Disability Studies Minor

Disability Studies

Disability Studies (DS) is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the meaning, nature, and consequences of disability, as a social, cultural and political construct. 

Global Studies Minor

Global Studies

This minor provides students with the knowledge and skills to be able to function culturally, politically, and economically in a global society.

Hol and Gen Thumbnail

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

This minor provides a broad interdisciplinary study of the Holocaust and other genocides of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Jewish Studies Minor

Jewish Studies

The minor in Jewish Studies provides an investigation and understanding of the cultural traditions of Judaism which has had a major impact on the literature, art, music, philosophy, science and social science of Western civilization.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This minor provides students with an understanding of the shared historical experience, languages, artistic traditions and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Migration Studies

Migration Studies

This area of study focuses on the response to environmental changes, identifying patterns of "forced migration," recognizing internally displaced people, developing inclusive policies and emergency plans, and focusing on different experiences of migration.

Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

This minor engages feminist practice and theory to further the understanding and analysis of gender and sexuality from a range of disciplinary perspectives. 

Minor in Writing


This minor provides students opportunities to learn about and to practice diverse forms of writing, such as expository writing, creative nonfiction, poetry, research writing, and digital writing.

Centers & Services

First-Year Studies

First-Year Studies (FRST)

This program serves as an introduction to university work by offering small class sections taught by select faculty who are committed to helping students improve their academic skills.

Freshman Seminar - Photo of Students

First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminars are an integral part of the first-semester experience at Stockton. Students can take a variety of classes while working on the essential elements of critical reading, writing, speaking and listening, and information literacy. 

High School Dual Credit

High School Dual Credit

This program provides college-bound high school students the opportunity to earn college credits and complete high school course requirements simultaneously.

Holocaust Resource Center

Holocaust Resource Center

This HRC helps future generations by sponsoring awareness programs and exhibits, providing workshops and seminars to train those teaching the Holocaust, and by making available printed and audio-visual material to students, educators, and scholars.

International Education

International Education

The mission of the Office of Global Engagement is to prepare our students for changing circumstances in a multicultural and interdependent world.  By serving as the gateway for cross-cultural learning we enrich the Stockton community and educational environment.

Murphy Writing Center

Murphy Writing at Stockton University

Murphy Writing of Stockton University offers programs in the US and abroad to help writers develop their craft. When writers immerse themselves in these challenging and supportive workshops and an encouraging community, they often make breakthroughs in their art. 

Quantitative Reasoning Across the Disciplines Program

Quantitative Reasoning Across the Disciplines (QUAD)

The Quantitative-Reasoning-across-the-Disciplines (QUAD) program serves to encourage the infusion of quantitative reasoning throughout the curriculum and to assure that all students enhance their mathematical skills.

The Honors Program

The Honors Program

Stockton Honors is an academic program that combines challenging courses with service to foster a warm, supportive intellectual community.

Service Learning

Service Learning

The Office of Service-Learning provides the Students, Faculty/Staff and Community Partners of the Stockton University community with opportunities to engage in "Service with a Purpose".


Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The MAHG curriculum provides outstanding preparation for teachers, human rights professionals, museum curators, librarians, clergy, students planning to go on to PhD study, and others interested in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Genocide Prevention Certificate

Genocide Prevention Certificate

This online program offers rigorous instruction in frameworks of and strategies for genocide prevention based on ethical insights of liberal arts study. It is the first graduate Certificate program of its kind of both in the USA globally.