William T. Daly School of General Studies

The William T. Daly School of General Studies oversees both the University curriculum's "commons" (Stockton's unique General Studies courses) and the university's many programs in graduate education.

Explore our program offerings, the centers and services we support, the mission that guides our School, and our focus on graduate education at Stockton.

General Studies

The General Studies curriculum provides students and faculty, from various specializations, with the opportunity to explore the world of knowledge, ideas, and issues, often in an interdisciplinary way.

Graduate Education

Stockton's many graduate programs provide an opportunity to take the next steps beyond the Bachelor's degree into the world of the academy and the professions. 

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Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO)

Stockton University has launched a wide-ranging effort to articulate 10 essential learning outcomes (ELOs) that students should achieve during their university experience. The School of General Studies supports the ELOs and incorporates them within its programs of study.