The Writing Program

Student reviewing a paper with their professor


The Stockton Writing Program involves faculty from all schools within the University, as well as a core writing faculty located in General Studies. Writing-designated courses are offered under both General Studies and program acronyms; therefore, students can choose from a variety of offerings and fulfill distribution requirements toward graduation while they use writing as a vital part of their education. 

Stockton’s Writing Program offers students a variety of writing courses at all levels of the curriculum.  These courses help students grow as writers, both by improving their writing and by providing them opportunities to learn about and to practice diverse forms of writing, such as expository writing, creative nonfiction, poetry, research writing, and digital writing.  We also offer students opportunities to use their writing outside of the classroom and to develop the foundation for producing purposeful, socially engaged work after they graduate.  Whether students take only required writing courses or earn a writing minor while they are at Stockton, they can build their confidence as writers; enhance their knowledge of writing genres; and create writing habits that will serve them during school, at work, and in their personal lives.

Additional Information

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