Psychiatric Services

two chairs in a waiting room of a psychiatrist officeConnecting with a Psychiatrist

Students may benefit from a psychiatric evaluation and/or medication monitoring as part of their larger mental health treatment. Stockton University provides free psychiatric appointments for currently enrolled students who are also connected with a CAPS counselor. Even if you have a private therapist, CAPS counselors may also be able to help you get connected with a psychiatrist.

To be connected with a psychiatrist:

  1. Reach out to Counseling & Psychiatric Services, and schedule a meeting with a CAPS counselor.
  2. Meet with one of the CAPS counselors, who will discuss your individual mental health needs.
  3. Schedule an appointment for a psychiatrist with your CAPS counselor

To get connected, please call us at 609 652-4722, email us at or stop by on the Galloway Campus, J-204.

You can also receive additional information on Stockton University's Health Services here.