Residential Life Housing Contract Cancellation Form

Instructions: Please read the information below and complete all fields including documentation that supports medical, financial hardship, or unforeseen circumstances that show you should not live in Stockton housing. Residential Life will review your request and respond within 4-8 days.

Supporting documentation must be forwarded to at the same time that your online cancellation form is being submitted.

The residence hall/apartment contract is in effect for the entire academic year (or for the spring semester for students who enter into this contract at the time). This residence hall/apartment contract may only be canceled under certain specific conditions, thereby, if the Student: a) remains enrolled as a student at the College and petitions the Office of Residential Life in writing to voluntarily terminate their residence hall/apartment contract, she/he does so subject to the following understanding:

(1) Release is contingent upon a student showing of documented medical necessity, financial hardship, or other unforeseen circumstance that substantially impairs a student's ability to remain in housing.

(2) The student will be assessed a $500 residence contract termination fee.

(3) There will be an administrative processing fee charged to those residents who do not remove their belongings and return their keys on or before the prescribed check-out date.

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