Commuter Students

Live Stockton As a Commuter Student

Welcome to Stockton University as you consider living on campus Livestocktoninstead of commuting to campus please think about the many benefits of living on campus.  Living on campus is one of the best parts of college or university experiences.  Research has shown that students who attend liberal arts institutions, who live on campus also have significantly higher G.P.A.'s than comparable students at institutions who live off campus (Turley & Wodtke, 2010).

As a residential student you have access to close parking lots, and programs and activities that other students do not have.  Commuter students have the ability to live with current residential students or choose their own housing.  Commuter students make up a large part of Stockton University.  Many commuter students consider living on campus, if you are considering this same question please read the information below about how to apply.  Students can always be given tours of the Apartments and other housing options by emailing or calling 609-652-4697.  

Apply to live on campus

Commuter students have many options available to them.  Commuter students are able to participate in the housing renewal process and sign up for housing with current residential students.  Commuter students can also choose to apply without knowing anyone on campus and apply for housing.  Commuter students should review the following links. For the upcoming Fall 2020 renewal process, our dates have been updated due to the current events. Please visit our Housing Renewal site for full details.

Housing Renewal Flyer

Housing options

Students can review housing options by clicking on the links below.  Commuter students have the opportunity to live in Housing 1, 4, 5, Chris Gaupp, or Atlantic City housing. 

Review Housing Options

Roommate requests

Students can request roommates within the housing application found in the GoStockton Portal once they have paid their housing deposit.  

Meal plan and dining options

Students can find important meal plan information and costs associated with the meal plans by visiting the Bursars website.  

Housing rates

Students can find the housing rate information and any information associated with the cost of housing by visiting the Bursars website.