Frequently Asked Questions

Students at Move in Day

To apply for housing, all new students and students not currently residing on campus (commuter students) must submit an online housing acceptance deposit of $150 and complete an online application on the GoStockton Portal.

The University offers several meal plans that provide students with meals. Students should review the Residence Contract and Dining Services Agreement for specific meal plan requirements and types. Students may also visit for more information. After two weeks from the start of classes no changes can be made to your meal plan. Students residing in housing must visit the "Student Life" Tab in the Go Portal and complete the "Meal Plan Change Form" on the "Residential Life" portal to request a meal plan change. A request can only be processed if it meets the meal plan requirement* for your residential area.

*Meal Plan Requirements

  • Housing 2 and Housing 3 Residence Hall Students- You must have either a 19 or 14 weekly plans for the Fall semester. Students can choose from the 19 weekly, 14 weekly, 180 block, or 150 block plans for the Spring semester.
  • Housing 5 Students - You must have either a 19, 14, 180, 150, or 25 plan.
  • Chris Gaupp – You must have the 19, 14, 180, 150, 25, or CG 50 plan.

Additional questions regarding the mealplan requirement can be directed to Questions regarding housing and meal plan fees can be directed to the Bursar’s Office (609) 652-4597.

Students with completed housing applications for the Fall semester should expect an email in early July with details on how to check their assignment. Applicants after the June 1 priority date will receive their assignment on a rolling basis when available.

Students with completed housing applications for the Spring semester should expect an email in early January with details on how to check their assignment. Applicants after the December 15 priority date will receive their assignment on a rolling basis when available.

The housing deposit is a non-refundable deposit.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for students on the priority list to be housed in a specific location or with specific roommates. The priority list is based on a first-come first-serve basis in addition to how many beds are open at any given time. Students will be contacted by the Office of Residential Life via their Stockton email, when their name has been reached on the priority list.

It is possible to sign up for a single room; however, single rooms are only available in certain housing areas. Single residence room areas and associated fees are listed on the Bursar's website.

At Stockton University first-year freshmen residents are provided with options to live in Kesselman Hall, Housing 1, Housing 2, and Housing 3 because the Office of Residential Life promotes and values the First Year Residential Experience, to better acquaint the incoming students with Stockton University. When space is limited, alternative accommodations in the upperclassman areas may be assigned.
Transfer residents are provided options to live in the Atlantic City Residential Complexes, Housing 1, and Chris Gaupp to better acquaint the incoming students with Stockton University as part of our Transfer communities. When space is limited, alternative assignments in other housing areas may be assigned.

Residential Life does provide the opportunity for students to have roommates who they have acquaintances with. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored, however we will try to accommodate the requests to the best of our ability.

Microwaves are provided in Housing 2, Housing 3, Housing 5 and Chris Gaupp. Residents residing in Housing 1, Housing 4, or Atlantic City may bring a microwave. They must have a UL listing of 120Volts, 68Hz, and 1.1Kilowatts.

Beds in all housing areas are Twin XL in size. Bed Linens (sheets, pillows and blankets) should accommodate the XL size, as it is longer than a standard Twin.

No person shall possess, maintain, house, harbor, or have custody or control of any pet/animal while on University property. 

All students will receive information through their Stockton email regarding move in, with full instructions on their move in date. We advise that students check their emails to receive these details, as well as reference the Guide to Residential Life for additional housing information.

All housing areas have heating and air conditioning.

All areas will provide students with a bed, desk, a chair, and a closet/dresser. Housing 1, Housing 4, Housing 5, and the Atlantic City Residential Complexes will additionally provide lounge room furniture, including a couch, two individual living room chairs, TV stand, and side tables. Housing 1, Housing 4, and Atlantic City also feature a full kitchen, and will provide a full-size refrigerator, stove/oven, and kitchen table with chairs.

If a resident loses his/her student ID card, he/she must immediately go to Go Portal to manage my ID. During the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic year, students must go to the Bursar’s Office to pay the $25.00 fee for a replacement ID card.

Washers and dryers are located in E-15 of the Housing I apartment complex, on the first floor of A and K Buildings in Housing 2, on each floor in Housing 3, in Building 81 in Housing 4, on the first floor of each Housing 5 building, on each floor of Kesselman Hall in B-Wing, and on the first floor of Atlantic City Phase 2. These washers and dryers are a cashless system since tokens or coins are not required to operate them. All residential students pay for this cashless laundry service as part of their housing fees. The washers and dryers in the housing facilities are for the exclusive use of residential students only. The hours of operation are 24/7. Students who are connected to the campus internet can access the status of their laundry or availability of machines by following these instructions.  Once you have established a Maytag Connect 360 account, access the site here.

Smoking is not permitted in any campus building including the residences. Smoking is permitted in Gazebos and designated areas.

Students Name
Mailbox #
Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway NJ 08205-9441

Mailboxes are located in lower E-wing in between the bookstore and the print shop. Any questions regarding mail facilities must be forwarded to the mailroom staff. The mail room opens at 11:00am daily.

The college does not insure the personal belongings of students in the apartments and residence halls. It is highly recommended that you check to see if you are covered by your parents' homeowner's insurance or purchase a renter's policy yourself.

Visit the Plant Management website. The Stockton University Plant Management Office uses a robust system called SchoolDude to manage all work orders.

Our office always recommends that students advocate for any room change requests. A good start is to meet with their RA first in order to go over their individual situation and receive advice on the next steps. Next, schedule an appointment to speak with your Graduate Coordinator to discuss your request. Be sure to review the housing fees before making a move request. Housing fees vary by location. Location preferences are strongly considered but cannot be guaranteed since they are based on availability. There is a strict room change freeze during the first two weeks and the last two weeks of each semester. The room change freeze helps the Office of Residential Life process assignments for new students.

I am having trouble in my room with my roommate(s), how can I get advice? Seek out your RA. Depending on the situation, the RA will either advise you on how to talk to your roommate(s) or provide additional on campus resources. You may speak with your Graduate Coordinator, who is a live-in professional available to respond to incidents and assist you with difficult residential situations.

Check out the Guide to Residential Life to learn more about the residential renewal process, including the mandatory renewal information session dates.

Students can cancel their housing by logging in to the GoStockton Portal, clicking the Student Life link, and scrolling down to the Contract Cancellation link to cancel their housing.