Augmentative Communication Course 2023

The next potential offering will begin in mid August and will run until the end of December 2024.

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All sessions will be conducted online
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Program Description:

The Augmentative Communication course offers an opportunity for practicing SLPs to gain knowledge in the field of AAC using up to date technology solutions for individuals with complex communication needs. Digital interactive lessons and hands on activities are used to teach evaluation and implementation of AAC systems. Advanced courses in alternative access systems will allow for a better understanding of a team approach to AAC intervention. 
Upon completion of the program participants will be able to:

  • Identify the scope of augmentative communication from simple to complex
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the process of assessment of AAC needs by identifying the major steps in an assessment process
  • Identify potential ways to improve education, vocation, and independent living with AAC
  • Acquire information regarding augmentative and alternative communication to include: Identifying input, processing, and output features
  • Understanding various access, scanning, vocabulary selection, and simple-to-high-tech features of devices
  • Attain information regarding vocabulary acquisition goals for various ages and developmental abilities

Audience: This program is appropriate for speech language pathologists.

Only 25 students will be accepted and will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. 

Program Structure and Requirements: 

This 15 week program uses online instruction only. The program is comprised of five courses. 
Course participants can expect spend at least 3.0 hours per week (on average) participating in learning activities for each weekly topic. Some topics may require more time, while others less based on the participant’s professional background and prerequisite knowledge and/or familiarity with the topic.
Students will be required to complete an online competency assessment. In addition, video based instruction will be included for topics.  At the end of the 15 weeks, each participant must complete the final competency test online. Participants may take the test up to 3 times and must complete the test with a grade of 80% or better.

Course I:
Introduction to Augmentative Communication 

Course II
Evaluation for AAC Systems/Support

Course III:
Implementation of AAC Systems Across Environments

Course IV:
Alternative Access Systems for AAC Devices

Course V:
Language Systems/ Device Programming/ Literacy

Courses cannot be taken individually.

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Instructor: Jennifer Drenchek-Christiano MA, CCC-SLP/L

Audience: Speech Language Pathologists

Continuing Education Credits:

 Courses 1-5  are registered for 7.15 ASHA CEUs. (Intermediate level , Professional area)


Jennifer Drencheck-Christiano, MA, CCC-SLP/L

  •  Financial: Jennifer Christiano receives a speaking fee for his presentation of this course
  •  Jennifer Christiano is an Adjunct Professor at Stockton University
  •   Nonfinancial: Stockton University for Volunteer -Offsite Clinical Supervisor

Registration: $1499 before August 1, 2023
                        $1699 after August 1, 2023

If you have any questions please email Kent Mayhew 

If you are interested in the next possible course offering please email
Kent Mayhew 

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