Criminal Justice Tuition Discount

Choose to advance your law enforcement career with a tuition discount.

Stockton University is proud to offer actively employed criminal justice and law enforcement professionals a 20% tuition discount for the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program or the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration. 

Stockton University has a special commitment to meet the needs of criminal justice and law enforcement employees by offering a bundled per credit tuition and fee rate that reflects a 20% reduction in cost of graduate courses. 


For more details about payment or payment plans, please visit the Bursar's Office Website.

To be eligible for this tuition discount, the student must apply and be admitted to the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program or one of the Certificate programs. To be considered for admission into the program, applicants must submit the following prior to the deadline:

  1. Discover Stockton Online Application
    • New applicants will need to create a Discover Stockton Account
    • If you are a recent Stockton graduate, check to see if you qualify for the Direct Entry Option
  2. A non-refundable application fee of $50, paid through the Discover Stockton Online Application
  3. A graduate application essay submitted through the Discover Stockton Online Application 
  4. Three current letters of recommendation submitted electronically via the Discover Stockton Online Application 
    • At least two of three application letters from faculty are recommended
    • Strong application letters reference student motivation and competencies relevant to success in graduate school (e.g., writing, reading, speaking, critical thinking, etc.).  Recommenders are encouraged to provide specific details or examples to highlight graduate-level competencies.
  5. Graduate Record Examination (GRE): School Code 2889
    • Testing requirements are waived for students with a master's degree or GPA of 3.5 or higher
  6. Resume
  7. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (including Stockton) mailed or dropped off directly to Office of Graduate Studies

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