Our Staff

Advocacy, Belonging & Campus Standards Staff

Dr. Haley Baum

Dr. Haley Baum, Assistant Vice President for Student Advocacy, Belonging and Campus Standards & Dean of Students  

Marques Johnson

Marques Johnson, Associate Dean of Students

Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes, Professional Services Specialist   2

Jamie Caridad

Jamie Caridad, Professional Services Specialist 3 Adm NE

Kelly Burns

Kelly Burns, Professional Services Specialist 4 Adm NE

Stockton Cares 

Michael Smith

Michael Smith, Associate Director

Chrissy Easton

Chrissy Easton, Case Management Specialist

Desiree Robinson

Desiree Robinson,  

Multicultural Center

Jovin Fernandez

Jovin Fernandez, Director


Office of Student Conduct

Seth Richards

Seth Richards, Associate Director

Jestina Drysdale

Jestina Drysdale, Assistant Director


Women's, Gender and Sexuality Center

Laurie Dutton

Laurie Dutton, Director

Teresa Barone

Teresa Barone, Assistant Director