The Division of Student Affairs presents the following divisional and institutional publications as valuable resources to students. Stockton University takes pride in its environmental stewardship and uses digital publication as an efficient and sustainable use of its resources. Questions or concerns regarding access to the information provided by these publications may be addressed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 609.652.4225.

academic calendar

Academic Year Calendars
The Academic Calendar is the official University calendar identifying important dates for University operations, such as term start, end and holiday dates, along with other important dates for students to act upon (e.g., pre-registration and course withdrawal dates) as necessary to progress in their academic pursuits. 


Academic Year Bulletin
The official University Bulletin is produced by the Office of the Provost. Within the Bulletin, you will find information regarding the University's history, governance, physical plant, arts, athletics and campus life, in addition to academic programs and requirements for undergraduate and graduate schools.


Student Handbook
The Student Handbook is a reference for students, faculty and staff, produced by the Division of Student Affairs. It is a source of information about campus and academic life, student life and helpful resources.


Guide to Residential Life
The Guide to Residential Life includes details of residential students’ rights and responsibilities, the policies that affect them, information about meal plans, and more.


University Policies & Procedures Web site 
This important Web site provides the collection of University policies and procedures that affect the rights, responsibilities and safety of all members of our community. It includes the Campus Conduct Code and other policies that address discrimination, hazing, sexual assault, weapons, and more. 

While every effort has been made to provide the most current information in these materials, changes to local, state or federal regulations may require University policy changes that are not included herein. The University reserves the right to make changes and revisions at any time and will make every effort to make campus-wide notification of any changes.