Student Success Scholars Program Testimonials

Faculty Feedback

Rick Mulvihill

Instructor of Criminal Justice

"I think it's a great opportunity to get to know each other on another level and plan for success.If you want to have a greater impact on a student's life, you should consider it."

Sara Martino

Associate Professor of Psychology

"I think the benefit for me is that I get to meet students who are outside of my program. It is interesting to get to work with students from other disciplines. The benefit for the mentees is the same; they may get a different perspective from a different professor than they get from their preceptor or other program professor.

Becoming a mentor is a way to reach out to students and have them feel comfortable with faculty. It allows more personal contact with students we may never have met otherwise."


Mentor Feedback

Danielle Edelstein

2017, Biology

"I think Student Success Scholars Program  give students the opportunity and support they need to succeed at Stockton.

Becoming a mentor ensures that you are helping someone achieve his or her goals. While the mentees absolutely gain skills from this program that are hard to maintain, the mentor gains a sense of accomplishment as well."

Stephanie Medvetz

2015, Criminal Justice

The Student Success Scholars Program is a great way for students to receive help finding the resources they need. This program allows students to be successful!

It is very rewarding to become a mentor. Someone should become a mentor to help students make the most of their college experience."

Chel-Lei Twyman

2015, Health Sciences

"I like the program. Mentees are paired with mentors based on their specific major. Mentees get to attend workshops of their interest or informative workshops that give insight to other aspects of attending a university, such as the financial aid process or personal budgeting.

A student should become a mentor because there may student that needs someone that understands their specific situation."

Jillian Maisch

2015, Health Sciences

"It is a very beneficial program for both the mentors and the mentees.Mentees are able to better adjust to college life and academics, while mentors are able to gain leadership skills.

A person should become a mentor so that they can gain leadership skills, teamwork skills, and so they can use their own experiences to help someone in need."

Richard Jeffries

2016, Health Sciences

"I think the program can make a difference for at risk students. In most occupations, we will be called upon at times to advocate and advise someone. Being a mentor in Student Success Scholars Program will help prepare you for that role later in life."

Katelyn Clayton

2016, Health Sciences

"I think Student Success Scholars Program is a really great program to have in place here at Stockton. I think it is important to provide struggling students with support from peers, faculty, and staff. These concepts are not taken into consideration at every institution.

Someone should become a mentor because it is a rewarding experience in which you find out a lot about yourself and how to work with others."