Mentors & Tutors

Walead Abdrabouh

Walead Abdrabouh, Information Systems & Business Intelligence

Dr. Benjamin Agyare

Dr. Benjamin Agyare, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Peter Baratta

Peter Baratta,  Institutional Research



Dr. Bob Blaskiewicz

Dr. Bob Blaskiewicz,  First Year Studies



Dr. Guia Calicdan-Apostle 

Dr. Guia Calicdan-Apostle ,  School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

 Adam Coopersmith

 Adam Coopersmith,  IR

 Alyson Dagan

 Alyson Dagan,  Admissions

 Paula Dollarhide

 Paula Dollarhide,  Academic Advising

 Dr. Kelly Dougherty

 Dr. Kelly Dougherty,  School of Health Sciences

 Sarah Elleman

 Sarah Elleman,  Athletics & Recreational Programs





Dr. Marcia Fiedler 

Dr. Marcia Fiedler ,  School of General Studies

 Lauren Fonseca

 Lauren Fonseca, School of General Studies 





Dr. John Gray 

Dr. John Gray ,  Education

 Dr. Laurie Griscom

 Dr. Laurie Griscom,  Event Services

 Jessica Grullon

 Jessica Grullon,  Admissions

 Dr. Valerie Hayes

 Dr. Valerie Hayes,  Institutional Diversity & Equity

 Dr. Robert Heinrich

 Dr. Robert Heinrich, Admissions

 Rochelle Iannuzzi

 Rochelle Iannuzzi,  Financial Aid

 Tomas Itaas

 Tomas Itaas,  Student Success Scholars Program  

 Dr. Steve Kalman

 Dr. Steve Kalman,  School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

 Dr. Mary Kientz

 Dr. Mary Kientz,  School of Health Sciences

 Jenise Kurtz

 Jenise Kurtz, Admissions 

 Sandra Leone

 Sandra Leone,  Development & Alumni Affairs

 Michael Levin

 Michael Levin, Wellness Center 

 Dr. Ruibin Lu

 Dr. Ruibin Lu,  SOBL

 Danielle Martin

 Danielle Martin, School of Health Sciences 

 Cynthia McCloskey

 Cynthia McCloskey,  Acadamic Advising

 Patty McConville

 Patty McConville,  Wellness Center

 Dr. Nicole Milan-Tyner

 Dr. Nicole Milan-Tyner, School of Continuing Studies 

 Dr. Richard M. Miller

 Dr. Richard M. Miller, School of General Studies 

 Nathan Morell

 Nathan Morell,  Wellness Center

Irvin Moreno-Rodriguez

Irvin Moreno-Rodriguez, Holocaust Resource Center

 Dr. Robert Morris

 Dr. Robert Morris, GENS 

Delores Mozelle-Wright 

Delores Mozelle-Wright , School of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

 Dr. Amit Mukherjee

 Dr. Amit Mukherjee, School of Business 



Dr. Quynh Nguyen 

Dr. Quynh Nguyen ,  CSIS

 Lorraine O'Flaherty

 Lorraine O'Flaherty,  School of General Studies

 Dr. Ariane Newman

 Dr. Ariane Newman, School of Health Science 

 Dr. Justin Ostrofsky

 Dr. Justin Ostrofsky, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

 Dr. Mary Padden

 Dr. Mary Padden,  School of Health Science

 Brian Pluchino

 Brian Pluchino,  Residential Life

Jennifer Radwanski 

Jennifer Radwanski ,  Event Services 

 Dr. Michael Rodriguez

 Dr. Michael Rodriguez,  School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

 Demetrios Roubos

 Demetrios Roubos,  IT

Dr. Michael Scales

Dr. Michael Scales, Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies

 Dr. Yitzhak Sharon 

 Dr. Yitzhak Sharon , School of Natural Sciences and Mathmatics

 Matt Shaw

 Matt Shaw, Grad Studies 

 Adriane Sicknick

 Adriane Sicknick,  School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Emmanuel Small 

Dr. Emmanuel Small ,  School of Business



Dianne Stalling 

Dianne Stalling ,  Student Development

Dr. Craig Stambaugh 

Dr. Craig Stambaugh ,  Office of the Dean of Students

 Tristan Stoltzfus

 Tristan Stoltzfus, Human Resources 

 Heather Swenson-Brilla

 Heather Swenson-Brilla,  Provost's Office



 Dr. Aakash Taneja

 Dr. Aakash Taneja,  School of Business

 Megan Taylor

 Megan Taylor,  Student Success Scholars Program

 Dr. Ron Tinsley

 Dr. Ron Tinsley,  EDUC

 Jaclyn Todd

 Jaclyn Todd,  Academic Advising

Dr. C. Hannah Ueno

Dr. C. Hannah Ueno,  School of Arts and Humanities

 Dr. Benita Villar

 Dr. Benita Villar,  School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

 Natalie Wadley

 Natalie Wadley,  Library

 Tara Williams

 Tara Williams,  School of Graduate Studies

 Dr. Emma Witt

 Dr. Emma Witt,  NAMS

 Kerrin Wolf, Esq.

 Kerrin Wolf, Esq.,  School of Business

Dr. Chia-Lin Wu

Dr. Chia-Lin Wu, Mathematics/NAMS

Jaclyn Todd

Jaclyn Todd, Education

Dr. Lisa Youngblood 

Dr. Lisa Youngblood ,  School of General Studies


Our Peer Mentors

Amanda Maurer

Amanda Maurer,  

Laurel Flockhart

Laurel Flockhart, Exercise Science

Christina Arrigo

Christina Arrigo, Elementary Education

Ashley Mazzagatti

Ashley Mazzagatti, Education with a minor in Elementary 

Alexa Atzert

Alexa Atzert, Education

Rose Shaw

Rose Shaw, Education/Business/Communications

Riya Goyal

Riya Goyal, Business Studies

Emily Gabriel 

Emily Gabriel , Business Studies

Jesel Rios

Jesel Rios, Sustainability

Jessica Fullerton

Jessica Fullerton, Exercise Science

Priyanka Sha

Priyanka Sha, Health Science 

Bianca Gamadia

Bianca Gamadia, Biology 

Eria Rahman

Eria Rahman, Biology

Mim Sabiha

Mim Sabiha, Biology

Emma Velez

Emma Velez, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Hari Acharya

Hari Acharya, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Gurtej Singh

Gurtej Singh, Computer Information Systems 

Sarah Kusnirak

Sarah Kusnirak, Computer Science

Lisbeth Espinal

Lisbeth Espinal, Psychology & Criminal Justice

Erica Szymczak

Erica Szymczak, Psychology

Ronina Borja 

Ronina Borja , Mathematics

Jane Denardo

Jane Denardo, Mathematics/Education

Calli Votta

Calli Votta, Psychology & Social Work

Sheyla Piana

Sheyla Piana, Social Work

Lauren Torick

Lauren Torick, Computer Science & Criminal Justice

Madison Donnelly

Madison Donnelly, Health Science

Marion Jones

Marion Jones, Criminal Justice

Vineyard Ekwe

Vineyard Ekwe, Criminal Justice

Alyssa Nesci

Alyssa Nesci, Criminal Justice

Belgusa Sherifi

Belgusa Sherifi, Psychology

An Invitation to Become a Student Success Scholars Program Peer Mentor
Help us help your fellow students succeed at Stockton. Become a Peer Mentor in the Student Success Scholars Program . Student Success Scholars Program aims to help students navigate and maximize the benefits of various academic and student life resources available at Stockton. A Peer Mentor is a sophomore, junior or senior student who provides guidance to a group of approximately 2-3 Stockton students in Student Success Scholars Program .

A mentor is expected to:

  • Help students become familiar with Stockton's resources.
  • Refer students to appropriate Stockton resources, if necessary.
  • Provide support, guidance, and encouragement to Student Success Scholars Program mentees.
  • Maintain high level of confidentiality.
  • Check in with mentees weekly. Communications through Facebook,Twitter, texting, face-to-face meeting, email and by phone are all acceptable.
  • Meet 1:1 with mentee(s) each month to talk about goals for the semester.
  • Submit a monthly update using the Monthly Report form and complete an End of the Semester Report.
  • Attend a mentor orientation and training related workshops and webinars each semester.

Student Success Scholars Program Peer Mentors must have the following qualifications:

  • A cumulative GPA of  3.0 and good academic standing.
  • Completed a minimum of 32 credits.
  • Willingness and ability to commit to attending a required one-day training.
  • Ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Success Scholars Program Peer Mentor, please send a copy of your resume and a letter of recommendation to and complete an application form. Click here: Peer mentor form.

Join us as Student Success Personal Mentor

Thank you for visiting our website. Student Success Scholars Program was developed in partnership with Stockton faculty, Office of Academic Advising, Dean of Students, Counseling and Health Services, Career Education & Development, Tutoring Center and the Educational Opportunity Fund Program. This program aims to help students navigate and maximize the benefits of various academic and student life resources available at Stockton. A major component of this program is individualized mentoring by Stockton faculty and staff, and we welcome the active participation and support of all members of our community.


We encourage Stockton faculty and staff to join the Program as Student Success Scholars Program Personal Mentors. Please review the duties and responsibilities of a Personal Mentor found below.

  • Assist in the development of skills necessary for the mentee to succeed at Stockton.
  • Monitor academic performance of the assigned mentee.
  • Evaluate and document experiences of the assigned mentee using the Monthly Report form and complete an End of the Semester Report.
  • Assist the assigned mentee in developing realistic career/academic goals and expectations.
  • Provide leadership to enhance the mentee's adaptation and integration at Stockton.
  • Ensure that assigned mentees are informed of Stockton's academic calendar.
  • Ensure that assigned mentees are informed of Stockton's support services.
  • Attend a mentor orientation and training related workshops and webinars each semester.

 Meetings between mentors and mentees should be held at least once a month and weekly communications initiated by mentees are strongly encouraged. Weekly communications through Facebook, Twitter, texting, email or by phone are all acceptable.

Join Student Success Scholars Program now by completing an application form: click here.