Statement of Commitment and Participation Waiver

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As a participant, I agree to:

a)    Meet with my mentor, officially, at least once a month. A weekly meeting is strongly encouraged, as needed. The first meeting must take place within the first two weeks of the semester. Communications via Facebook, Twitter, email, texting and phone are all acceptable.
b)    Attend an orientation before the start of each semester.
c)    Provide weekly update to my mentor via email, texting, face-to-face meeting or phone.
d)    Attend a minimum of 2 workshops (academic and/or life skills) each semester.
e)    Attend a minimum of one community service activity (at least 2 hours/semester).
f)    Actively participate in the program for at least 2 semesters, specifically, if my overall GPA is < 2.0.
g)    Visit the Office of Career Education & Development and participate in Handshake career managment system and join a Career Community program to develop a career plan, job search, obtain internship information, etc.

I understand that although I am required to attend only two workshops, many of the workshops and other program activities will aid my development academically  and professionally. Therefore, I will endeavor to participate in as many of the program’s workshops and activities as often as I possibly can.

As a participant of Student Success Services of Stockton University, I hereby give permission to my professors or to Stockton University to release my academic progress reports or academic records to my mentor and/or Student Success Services staff.   

* By typing my name below, I have read and understand the expectations and responsibilities set forth above.

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