Jamie Taylor

BS Marine Biology '14Image of Stockton Alumni Jamie Taylor


I only just graduated from Stockton University in August 2014, but I have already used my degree to pursue incredible adventures, like scuba diving off Puerto Rico and working with crime investigation on Discovery Channel. As a marine biology student at Stockton, I was able to get involved with hands-on field courses at Stockton's Marine Field Station and local internships throughout the wetlands of Southern Jersey . Stockton's marine science program and its affiliates offered many different types of experiences that helped me find my niche. By participating in field courses, internships, and independent studies, Stockton prepared me with the fundamentals of marine and environmental science.

Ultimately, Stockton helped me find my passion in marine surveying. Stockton's personable professors introduced me to amazing surveying technologies and their applications, including side scan sonar, multibeam bathymetry, and underwater robotics. I was even involved with the historical Robert J. Walker Shipwreck Mapping project. It was my experience with these technologies that landed me my current position as a Remotely Operated Vehicle Pilot and Field operations Specialist at Aqua Survey, Inc.

Aqua Survey is a leading environmental and ecotoxicology surveying firm that operates world-wide. Through this company, I learned to use technologies including underwater robots, side scan sonar, fathometry, magnetometry, electromagnetic detection, scientific diving, sediment sampling, and more. With Aqua Survey, I've been able to work alongside leading scientists and travel to amazing places, all while helping the environment. I've been involved in conducting surveys all across the country to help reserve toxic pollution and contamination, protect and analyze water quality, and even aid in criminal investigation. With Stockton's support and guidance, I was able to pave my own path to success and I can't wait to see where I'll find myself next.