Undergraduate Research


Honors Opportunities


Funding is available for Honors students engaged in undergraduate research projects to attend the annual NRHC conferences. Students will participate in all parts of the funded-projects process including crafting a successful application and creating a state-of-the-art digital presentation. Applications are open to students in any discipline. 


Campus-wide Opportunties


The Grants Office provides many opportunities for student research and travel.

Board of Trustees Fellowships for Distinguished Students

Undergraduate students (32 credits or more) can receive financial support for a project, research, or creative work (non-credit bearing) by applying for the Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students. Initiatives involving Civic Engagement and Residential Life’s Living Learning Communities may also be considered for funding. 

The guideline/application materials can be found in a PDF version on the Dean of Students website at Fellowship for Distinguished Students.  Contact the Care & Community Standards Office at 626-3585, or email for more information.

DayofScholarshipProgram and Faculty Projects

CHEM 2510, Introduction to Research. This course is designed to allow first and second year NAMS students to get involved in research. Students will work on one of two projects associated with Marc Richard's research in trace explosive analysis or Kristen Hallock-Water's work in environmental chemistry. Check the course schedule to see days/times.

Contact: Marc Richard, Chemistry, USC320, 609-652-4368, or Kristen Hallock-Waters, Chemistry, USC315, 609-652-4479.  




Resources for Applicants

These are available from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) but are helpful for any research, internship, or job applicant.

Honors Organizations

National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Meeting.

Northeast Regional Honors Council Annual Meeting.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

NCUR Statement on Undergraduate Research

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), Undergraduate Researchers Grad School Registry

Research-Based Internships for Undergraduates