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Information about the Honors Experience will be shared through the email addresses accepted students provided on the Honors Program Commitment Form.      

If you are an accepted Honors student and have not received your invitation by June 1, please contact us at joshua.duntley@stockton.edu or Honors@stockton.edu

What is the Honors Orientation Experience?

The Honors Experience is a special overnight program designed for incoming Honors Freshmen and Transfer students. You will make friends with new and current Honors students, meet faculty and staff, and learn insider’s tips about Stockton student life.  Past students have found the Honors Orientation Experience to be invaluable for a smooth transition to Stockton.

What You'll Need:

The Honors Experience is only for accepted Honors students. If you have been accepted to the Honors Program, you will receive an email with more inforrmation.

As soon as I arrived to Stockton and was greeted, I knew that it would not only be a good weekend at Stockton, but a good 4 years. The Honors Experience gave me the opportunity to be more familiar with the campus, bond with incoming and current students, ask questions, and give me a preview of what my future would entail. It made me very excited for my future, and I wish I could relive it over and over again.
Erin, Honors Counselor
Participating in the Honors Experience is the first step in becoming a part of the Honors Program family.  Make this first step truly matter and get the most out of the day!
Tori, Honors Counselor
My favorite part of the Honors Experience was definitely getting the opportunity to meet the people I would be living and spending the next four years with. It was comforting to show up on move in day and see some familiar faces.
Kaitlyn, Honors Counselor
Though I was very hesitant to partake in it when I was a freshman, it ended up being very fun and allowed for a smooth transition to talk to others.
Brian, Honors Counselor
My absolute favorite part of the Honors Experience is the family bond the students bring to the program. Each one of us is supportive and appreciative towards one another. My Honors family is my home away from home.
Lisa, Honors Counselor
I truly look forward to extending our Honors Family!
Anthony, Honors Counselor