Mission and Values


Stockton Honors challenges students to launch extraordinary lives. Our program provides a supportive, enriching, and challenging environment for students who are among the most motivated and talented at the University.  We ask students to take intellectual risks, to seek an understanding of the interdependence of all branches of knowledge, to engage with the complexities of difference and diversity, and to value a life of continuous learning and personal growth.  We encourage our students to seek opportunities for experiential learning, independent research, and community engagement. Stockton Honors is a transformational community of critical thinkers; a community that is inclusive, highly qualified, engaged, and motivated to lead.  We strive to equip our students with the creativity, adaptability, and understanding required to thrive in an interconnected world.  We seek to be at the forefront of the University’s pursuit of academic excellence, transformative education, and civic engagement, helping undergraduates craft meaningful college learning experiences that connect to their local and global communities and draw on the unique resources and cultures of Southern New Jersey. 


Lifelong Learning
We encourage Honors students to embrace education as a lifetime endeavor by providing a vibrant community of undergraduates, faculty, and staff with shared learning values and by fostering intellectual risk-taking in a safe environment.

We value diversity in all of its manifestations. Our curriculum, instruction, and services all work together to promote an inclusive environment.

We encourage Honors students to participate in the various functions and opportunities offered by the Honors community by providing quality, individualized support services, focusing on personalized advising, small classes, special Honors experiential learning opportunities and the Honors Living Learning Community.

We encourage Honors students to assume leadership roles during their time at Stockton. We do this by offering leadership training and other opportunities through our faculty mentor program, lecture series, international and local internships, and development of leadership programs with our campus and community partners.

We encourage Honors students to engage in projects that serve Stockton and other communities and to partner with programs in Undergraduate Academic Affairs to interweave service options into the Honors core curriculum.

Global Awareness
We encourage Honors students to take advantage of the many opportunities for study abroad through Stockton University. Stockton collaborates with community and international partners to provide a full range of international experiences for our students.