The WGSC offers resources, referrals, and support relating to a variety of topics, including: feminism, social justice, and activism opportunities on campus; sexuality and gender identity; power-based personal violence and healthy partnerships; sexual assault and Title IX; women's leadership and empowerment; diversity and intersectionality; bullying and harassment; bias concerns; and other topics pertaining to women, gender and sexuality.

Our peer educators and staff are knowledgeable about resources both on-campus and off-campus, and can direct you to these resources if you need information or support. 

You can also check out the links below:


In F-103, the WGSC has a variety of written materials, brochures, and pamphlets available on a variety of topics including:


Baby supplies: available upon request in the WGSC (F-103), if students need diapers, formula, clothing and/or other basic necessities for their children.  


Counseling Services


Emergency Housing: If you are a LGBTQIA+ student who is transient, and/or a victim of power-based personal violence (dating violence, sexual violence, stalking, and/or family violence) and have suddenly become homeless, the WGSC may be able to help you find temporary housing and/or resources for emergency shelter.  Please make a confidential appointment in F-103 or by calling 609-626-3611.


Food Assistance: The "Students Helping Students: Food Assistance Program" is designed to help provide essential resources to those students who need them the most.  This Program is a meal voucher system designed to supplement food resources available to students and connect them to available resources.  In an effort to create a more efficient, effective and private Food Assistance Program, students can now apply on-lineThe Food Assistance Committee meets weekly to evaluate student applications, review academic progress, determine the level of assistance needed and connect students to appropriate resources both on and off campus.  The WGSC is honored to be a part of this committee.    For more information, please contact Associate Dean of Students, Craig Stambaugh at


Osprey AdvocatesAdvocates are professionally trained to support victims of crime. Advocates offer victims information, emotional support, and help finding resources and filling out paperwork. Advocates may also go to interviews and hearings with victims. Advocates may contact departments, such as the Title IX office, Care & Community Standards or Campus Police, to get help or information for victims. Some advocates staff the WGSC, run support groups, secure accommodations, or provide in-person counseling to the victim. Victim Advocates at Stockton University are called, “Osprey Advocates” and you are entitled and encouraged to have one! Please call the WGSC at 609-626-3611 or make an appointment in F-103 to meet with one.


Victim Notification Handout: This informational police handout is for students who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and/or stalking.  Includes victim bill of rights, important on-campus and off-campus resources, how to preserve evidence, SANE/SART, and what happens during a forensic examination.



Family Success Center (Atlantic County) - (609) 652-0230


Avanzar- (800) 286-4184 (24/7 hotline for dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Atlantic County)


CARA- Coalition to End Rape and Abuse (Cape May County)- (609) 522-6489 (24/7 hotline for dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Cape May County)

The WGSC maintains a lending library of over 200 books and DVD's on feminism, spirituality, women's health, literature, psychology, addictions, gay and lesbian issues, media literacy, career, diversity, transgender issues, transitioning and more.  All are available to borrow in J-204g with a valid Stockton ID.  Check out our online catalog for free at LibraryThing. 

The WGSC also maintains subscriptions to the following magazines and periodicals:

  • AAUW (print only)
  • Bitch Magazine (print only)
  • Counseling Today (print only)
  • Ms. Magazine (digital and print) 

Other on-line resources:

We realize students learn in all different ways and that sometimes you don't have time to attend a lecture or a program on a subject that really interests you.  That's why the WGSC created a series of free co-curricular learning modules through Blackboard.  

Self-enroll in any courses that interest you.  Learn at your own pace.  Start a discussion on the topic.  And if you like what you learned, refer these co-curricular courses to a Stockton friend!

Click the links below to self-enroll in (you will need your Stockton Go username and password):


Emergency baby supplies are available in the F-103 lactation room if parents need diapers, formula, clothing and/or other basic necessities for their children.


Lactation Rooms: The WGSC, In conjunction with the Office of Human Resources, can provide breastfeeding students, faculty staff and visitors with safe and secure access to the lactation rooms on campus.

In addition to the WGSC, which provides support through education and advocacy, there are a number of other Stockton departments who can help. 


Student Success Scholars Program:Mentoring program for students who are struggling academically.  Coordinator can link students with LGBTQIA+ faculty and allies, if requested.


Counseling Services- Licensed therapists can provide emotional support during a crisis and are trained in working with LGBTQIA+ issues, including transitioning.  Please make an appointment at 609-652-4722 or in J-204.


Stocktons CaresThe CARE program helps provide students and their families a resource when experiencing a difficult time such as, a death in the family, extended leaves, etc.  This case management program can reach out to your professors and will work with you on a plan for a successful return.



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