New Student Orientation Logo "Home is where your nest is"

New Student Orientation Logo "Home is where your nest is"

Nest Fest Overnight Orientation Logo

Nest Fest Overnight Orientation Logo

Welcome to Stockton!

We are committed to supporting your transition to Stockton University by referring you to resources and opportunities, connecting you to members of the Stockton community, and educating you on the expectations of students at the university. We are thrilled you are joining our Osprey Family!


Please be aware that the University has prepared a deliberate and thoughtful approach to examine our options to provide a safe educational and operational experience for everyone. Our goal is to welcome new students to campus for the Fall 2022 semester, following federal and state COVID-19 guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.


Summer 2022 New Student Orientation Steps


  1. Complete the Stockton University Online Orientation Module

    We have developed a self-guided online orientation platform that will provide you with important information related to your academic and social transition to Stockton during your first year. This information remains accessible should you need to revisit it.Complete the self-guided online orientation module and quiz prior to attending your Orientation Day. For most students, the self-guided online orientation module will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete. We encourage you to navigate the online module at your own pace. Click here to access the Online Orientation Module!
  2. Participate in one of the following Orientation/Registration formats being offered!
    • The Nest Fest Overnight Orientation & Registration: Take this opportunity to stay overnight in your new "nest" and celebrate with your fellow Ospreys! You will be provided with on-campus housing for the night and all meals, free of cost. Various activities and information sessions will be offered on day 1, followed by orientation & registration for your Fall 2022 classes with advising support on day 2. This is a great chance to interact with your new classmates, professors, and other administrators!

    • One-day In-Person Orientation & Registration: This is a one-day program, during which you will learn all about being a new Stockton student and register for your Fall 2022 classes with an advising support. Please make accommodations to participate in the entire Orientation experience from 9:30am-4:00pm.

      All new students will receive communication from the office of Admissions with instructions on how to RSVP to participate in the Summer 2022 New Student Orientation experience.

  3.  Complete the three (3) SafeColleges online courses by September 13, 2022.

    All new students are required to complete the 3 online courses no later than September 13, 2022. These courses are available after your New Student Orientation day and access information will be sent to your Stockton email or you can visit https://stocktonstudents-nj.safecolleges.com/login

    1. Alcohol and Other Drugs (approximately 33 min)
    2. Sexual Violence Prevention (approximately 55 min)
    3. Diversity Awareness (approximately 20 min)

    Questions regarding the SafeColleges courses? Email terence.williams@stockton.edu 

For questions about Orientation & Registration, please call 609-626-3643 or email studenttransitions@stockton.edu

Summer 2022 New Student Orientation FAQ


The Accuplacer is a test designed to properly place students in Stockton University courses. The test does not affect your admissions decision or scholarship. 

Students who have not submitted SAT/ACT scores must take 3 Accuplacer tests (reading, writing, and math) prior to attending the mandatory New Student Orientation and Registration. Students who have submitted a math SAT of 560 or less or a math ACT of 23 or less must complete the math Accuplacer only. Please check your personal email for your specific testing needs and to register. If you have taken the SAT/ACT but have not yet sent the scores to us, please do so ASAP. 

Easy! Go to calendly.com/Accuplacer to schedule your in-person placement test at one of Stockton’s convenient locations. To take the test online, use the remote voucher that was sent to your personal email account from Accuplacer with the subject line "Remote Voucher Notification." If you cannot locate the voucher in your inbox, email PlacementTestingRoom@stockton.edu for assistance. 

Students will take a photo for their student ID card during their in-person orientation. ID cards will be distributed during Welcome Week at the beginning of September.

Students meet with a Financial Aid counselor in person after registering for Fall 2022 courses during New Student Orientation. In addition, students can sign up for an in-depth Financial Aid Appointment prior to attending Orientation by clicking here.  Family members are able to join their student for this meeting if the student so wishes.

Students experiencing dietary restrictions and food allergies can connect with Chartwells and the University’s Nutritionist Melissa Southery, who can help the student identify food options on campus that meet their needs.

The Learning Access Program (LAP) is a strong ally for your student managing learning or housing accommodations. If your student requires special accommodations please connect with the Learning Access Program to schedule an appointment ASAP. You can schedule an appointment with LAP by emailing lap@stockton.edu or by calling 609-652-4988. This appointment does not need to take place prior to course registration on their Orientation date, but we encourage starting the process of connecting with LAP once your student is admitted to Stockton and has their medical documentation available to them (IEP, 504, etc). 

One or two family members are welcome to attend Orientation with their student and participate in Family Orientation sessions provided concurrently with our student sessions. If your student is participating in the Nest Fest Overnight Orientation, family sessions will be provided on Day 1 after check-in. If your student is attending a One-day In-person Orientation, family sessions will be provided throughout that same day.

Some formal Orientation sessions such as Fall 2022 course registration will not permit family members to participate with their student due to occupancy restrictions. This also allows the student to begin navigating the Stockton experience independent of family members, supported by the guidance of Stockton staff and students.

Looking for something fun to do before or after Orientation with your family?  Click here for a list of restaurants and activities near campus!

The Nest Fest Overnight Orientation on-campus housing is provided for incoming students only. Family members are invited to take advantage of special rates offered by the hotels below on the evening of their Overnight Orientation: 

If your student indicates that they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 while on Stockton’s campus for Orientation, please have them step away from their Orientation session and update their Stockton Health Pledge to reflect that they are feeling symptomatic. A Stockton professional staff member will reach out to the student directly.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify practices and resources that promote safety, health and belonging at Stockton University.
  • Identify practices and resources that will help students successfully engage and navigate new or unfamiliar circumstances.
  • Identify practices and resources that will help students develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences and their role in promoting social justice in society.