2022 Chemistry Student Award Winners and Symposium Presenters

2022 Chemistry student award winners and symposium presenters

Congratulations to this year's receipients of the American Chemical Society (ACS) awards and to the NAMS Symposium presenters!


( Left to Right) Richard Citta - 2022 recepient of ACS Physical Chemistry Division Award; Matthew Furry - 2022 receipient of SJ-ACS Award, ACS Organic Division Award, and NAMS Symposium presenter; Gavin Ratakis - 2022 receipient of ACS Analytical Division Award; Mark Tell -  2022 receipient of ACS Organic Division Award and NAMS Symposium presenter; Zachary Wilson - NAMS symposium presenter; Joshua Rieder - 2022 receipient of the ACS Inorganic Division Award.