New Angles for Success

  • Fishig Club

    Fishig Club

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    kids jumping on jetty

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    healthy food

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    fishing on a pier

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    salmon dinner

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Funded by the Provost Diversity Award, New Angles to Success is a partnership between Stockton’s STEM collaborative, Atlantic City School District, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, and the Atlantic County Sheriff’s office.  The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife will train Stockton students on the Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs curriculum.  This program trains university students in fish biology and angling skills, ecology, stewardship, sea-to-table, food security, ecotourism, and life skills.  Our trained Stockton students will then become valuable mentors to children in the Atlantic City school district.  Ultimately this project will develop partnerships that create pipelines from K-12 schools in the diverse Atlantic City school district to Stockton University.

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