Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

This page has been constructed to allow Fieldwork Educators from the region to access information about occupational therapy fieldwork education. We appreciate your comments and questions.

Camille Sauerwald, Ed.M, OTR at camille.sauerwald@stockton.edu

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Site-Specific Learning Objectives Form for Level II Fieldwork (use to choose student learning objective for Level II Fieldwork)

Student Evaluation

The Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (FWPE) for Level II Fieldwork is an AOTA copyrighted document and is not available electronically at this time. Please contact camille.sauerwald@stockton.edu for information.

Site Evaluation

Starting and Maintaining a Fieldwork Program (Source: AOTA)

Documents created by AOTA are meant as general guidelines for Fieldwork but may not reflect licensing regulations in particular states. Fieldwork educators must be aware of student supervision regulations in their state and make adjustments accordingly.

Sample Site Specific Objectives (Source: AOTA)

Sample Student Programs

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Critically Appraised Topics

CAT's are developed by Stockton MSOT students as part of their coursework in evidence based practice (EBP). We are offering their work to Fieldwork Educators in an effort to show our appreciation for your commitment to educating our students. You may request any of the CAT's at camille.sauerwald@stockton.edu

  • Constraint Induced Therapy (CIMT)
  • Handwriting
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Splinting
  • Use of BATRAC with persons with CVA
  • OT Intervention for Layteral Epicondylitis
  • Social Skills Interventions for Children with ASD
  • Effective Interventions for Glenohumeral Subluxation for Patients with Hemiplegia
  • Effectiveness of Botox Injections for Children with CP
  • Treatment Approaches for Brain Injury
  • Treatment Approaches for Dysphagia
  • Treatment Approaches for Low Vision
  • Sensory Processing and Mental Illness