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The Committees on Academic Policies and Academic Programs and Planning each have two graduate stuides represenatives elected by the Faculty at-large.  Polls will open at noon on Monday, April 15 and remain open for voting until noon on Friday, April 19.  Instructions for accessing the ballot will be emailed to all Faculty on Monday, April 15.

Candidates for Graduate Represenative to Academic Policies

*Robin Hernandez-Mekonnen (SOBL)

*Sequetta Sweet (EDUC)

Candidates for Graduate Represenative to Academic Programs
and Planning

*Robert Barney (SOBL)

*Carla Enriquez (HLTH)

Phillip Hernandez (HLTH)

Shaoping Zhao (BUSN)

 Submitted Candidate Profiles 

(elected canddiates indicated with *)

Candidates for Senate President *Laura Zucconi (ARHU)
Candidates for Senate Vice-President *Manish Madan (SOBL)
Candidates for Senate Secretary *James Avery (SOBL)  

Submitted Officer Candidate Profiles         

(elected canddiates indicated with *)

Mark Adelung, HLTH Kory Olson, ARHU
Norma Boakes, EDUC Justin Ostrofsky, SOBL
David Burdick, SOBL Monica Pawlowska, HLTH
Betsy Erbaugh, SOBL Sreelekha Prakash, HLTH
Arleen Gonzalez, SOBL Lori Prol, HLTH
Christy Goodnight, LIBR Shanthi Rajaraman, NAMS
Douglas Harvey, EDUC Lisa Rosner, ARHU
Robin Hernandez-Mekonnen, SOBL Amee Shah, HLTH
Elma Kaiser, SOBL Emmauel Small, BUSN
Wooseok Ki, NAMS Christine Tartaro, SOBL
Ruffin Larider, HLTH Joseph Trout, NAMS
Michael Law, NAMS Kerrin Wolf, BUSN
Jack Lewis, SOBL Chenyan Xu, BUSN
Manish Madan, SOBL  

Submitted At-Large Senator Candidate Profiles         

PDF List of At-Large Candidates

(all nominated candidates were elected)

Committee Candidate(s)
Academic Policies *Deeanna Button, SOBL
Academic Programs and Planning *Douglas Harvey, EDUC
Administration and Finance *Arleen Gonzalez, SOBL
General Studies *Elizabeth Pollock, NAMS
Information Technology & Media Services *Manish Madan, SOBL
Library *David Lechner, LIBR
Research & Professional Development *David King, ARHU
Student Affairs Richard Miller, GENS
  *Emmanuel Small, BUSN

Submitted Committee Chair Candidate Profiles      

PDF List of Committee Chair Candidates

(elected candidates indicated with *)