French for Adults

French Summer 2024

An 8-week, French language skills for Adults at
Stockton Atlantic City

This course introduces the French language to adult learners. Conducted in dual French and English by your instructor, Jacques Press, who is native French-speaking. Class sessions include learning techniques with the adult in mind. Techniques of this course include relying on words common to French and English, practicing conversations and selecting the right expressions for personal needs - such as travel, business, friendship, and culture. This series does not carry academic credits, rather is intended for personal enrichment. Participants will receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of the workshop. 

This course is open to all skill levels. Those with prior language skills (especially in French, Spanish and Italian) will adapt quickly and be challenged appropriately. Those new to the language will be provided with beginner skills and practice samples. Jacques has been teaching this course since 2018, and has developed curriculum to meet each participant at their skill level.  




Course Features:

  • Adult-oriented language learning techniques

  • French conversation, expressions and culture

  • Certificate awarded upon completion


Dates & Time: 
Thursdays, May 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13, 20, 27, 2024

11:00am to 12:30pm

Books: French Demystified, Premium 3rd Edition (Required) Author: Annie Heminway

A French to English Dictionary and/or access to Google Translate (optional)

Stockton AC, Scarpa Building

3711 Atlantic Ave
Atlantic City, NJ




  • Outcomes:

    • Read and pronounce common words and expressions properly

    • Understand basic information supplied by French speakers

    • Become understood when asking questions or requesting assistance

    • Converse with others about their background, work relationships, situations, etc.

    • Read notices and write basis sentences; write short letters and passages.

    • Become confident when dealing with transportation, food lodging, finances, and shopping situations

  •  Session Descriptions:

    • Grammar, vocabulary, and spelling are included, but sessions focus more on reading, pronunciation and proper use of cultural expressions in speaking and writing

    • Participants simulate situational contexts (“At the airport,” “At the museum,” “In the restaurant,” “At the grocery store,” etc.) applying what they are learning. 

    • Topics of interest (French culture, regions, food, drink, current events, arts and history) are introduced to encourage dialogue.

    • Learning techniques specifically designed for “Adult-learners” will be used to help avoid common mistakes in speaking the language

  • Previous Participant Testimonials: 

    • "It was designed for an adult learner and presented concepts in an organized, useful manner. I enjoyed the [in-class] assignments and found them challenging. I especially liked learning about French customs and culture through music."

    • "Good overview of French language, grammar, and culture." 

    • "The professor was so dedicated, always punctual, really cared about his students and our progress."

    • The handouts were very helpful...I was so engaged, the time seemed to go by quickly."

    • "I'm very excited to begin [French] again! merci!"



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