A refund will be issued ONLY if there is a credit remaining after all payments, deposits and financial aid have been applied to the students account.  Course schedule and/or meal plan changes must be made by deadlines posted to meet refund eligibility requirements that may apply (see Important Dates). 

Before a refund is issued, a student may request to have excess funds transferred to their Osprey Card.  

**The Bursar's Office reserves the right to withhold refund checks until any past due balance is settled.**

In accordance with federal regulations, applicable refunds must be processed within 14 days after Financial Aid Disbursement. 

Term Financial Aid Disbursement
Refunds Issued (if applicable)
Fall 1st week of October within 14 days of disbursement (weekly after this date)
Spring 1st week of February within 14 days of disbursement (weekly after this date)
Summer 1st week June within 14 days of disbursement (weekly after this date)

Refund checks will be made payable to the student, except PLUS Parent Loan refunds which will be made payable to the parent.  Refunds are sent regular mail through the US Post Office to the mailing address on the student's record and may take 7-10 days for delivery.  Students may update their mailing address from the Bursars/Payments tab in goStockton. 

How to set up Direct Deposit:

Direct deposit can be set up through our appointment booking system. The Direct Deposit Verification is completed through a secure Zoom link sent to the students email address from our office. In order to complete the verification, the student needs a front-facing camera, which is required to be left on through the whole appointment, two valid forms of identification and a valid check.

A student may also complete the form in-person in our office but will still be required to show two valid forms of identification upon handing the form in.