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Marissa Levy

Marissa Levy, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

AmyBeth Glass

AmyBeth Glass, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Ariane Hutchins-Newman

Ariane Hutchins-Newman, Associate Provost for Academic Success

Jessica OShaughnessy

Jessica OShaughnessy, Associate Provost

Kelly Oquist

Kelly Oquist, Director, Academic Finance

Alexander Marino

Alexander Marino, Director of Academic Operations, Atlantic City

Patricia Thatcher

Patricia Thatcher, Associate Provost, Library and Learning Commons

Nikita Lively

Nikita Lively, Budget Administrative Assistant

Nicholas Musitano

Nicholas Musitano, Professional Services Specialist 4

Kim Wampler

Kim Wampler, Professional Services Specialist 4


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