Retention Plan

Retention Plan - Fall 2019

Retention Plan Fall 2019In February 2019, President Kesselman established the Retention Working Group to develop a structured and sustainable retention process that supports both Stockton's enrollment objectives and New Jersey's goal to close education equity gaps. 

The Retention Working Group, working collaboratively with the University's Strategic Planning process, Strategic Enrollment Management Planning (SEMP) Council, Provost's Council, and the Faculty and Student Senates, established specific goals to support the state's strategic plan as well as boost Stockton's third-semester retention and 4- and 6-year graduation rates. Particular emphasis was placed on under-represented minority students to support the institution's goals of continuing to diversify the student body and close equity gaps.

Collectively, the initial version of Stockton University's Retention Plan was finalized in October 2019. The plan is made up of seven projects consisting of specific goals and lead and lag indicators. These seven projects include: 

      - Proactive Outreach to Probationary Students

      - Launch Early Alert Form Campus Wide

      - Pilot Use of BCSSE Advising Data

      - Revise Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form and Process

      - Expand First-Year Studies Peer Mentoring Program

      - Expand Appointment-Based Tutoring

      - Launch T.A.L.O.N.S. Student Assistant Pilot Program


Original Co-Chairs, Fall 2019:

Peter Baratta, Chief Planning Officer
Christopher Catching, Vice President for Student Affairs
Michelle McDonald, Chief Academic Officer, AC & Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Original Team Members, Fall 2019:

Nicole Davis, Data & Financial Analyst, Planning Office
Stephen Davis, Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students, Inclusion and Wellness
Ariana DiFillippo, Student Senator
Diane Garrison, Budget Office
Robert Gregg, Dean of the School of General Studies
Peter Hagen, Associate Dean of General Studies & Director, Center for Academic Advising
Robert Heinrich, Chief Enrollment Management Officer
Carra Hood, Associate Provost for Strategic Planning, Academic Planning and Assessment
Scott Huston, Chief Information Officer
Jessica Kay, Senior Planning Analyst, Planning Office
Warren Kleinsmith, Associate Professor of Business Studies
Maralyn Mason, Executive Director, Educational Opportunity and Success Programs
Heather McGovern, Associate Professor of Writing and First-Year Studies
Richard Mulvihill, Instructor of Criminal Justice
Ariane Hutchins-Newman, Assistant Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Elizabeth Pollock, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Ana Rodriquez, Director, Student Transition Programs
John Smith, Director of Academic Operations
Walter Tarver, III, Assistant Vice President, Student Transitions, Access and Retention
Lori Vermeulen, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Michael Wood, Associate Director of Budget