2020 Strategic Planning

Stockton University initiated 2020 with a Steering Committee in Fall 2008. The committee facilitated the process that informed Stockton's strategy map (at right). Approval for project funding began in 2011 and concluded in 2020, when Stockton 2025 and the Compass fund launched.

Adapting a Balanced Scorecard approach, Stockton 2020 represented an ongoing planning process. Four Initiative Teams were established; Learning, Engagement, Global Perspectives and Sustainability (LEGS). See the 2020 Themes Overview for information about these teams.

The 2020 LEGS Initiative Teams reviewed ideas (from faculty, staff and students) and assisted with developing proposals. Applications receiving Initiative Team support were forwarded to the 2020 Steering Committee for further review. When advancing proposals to the President for final consideration, the Steering Committee recommended the appropriate shared governance or administrative pathway.

Forms & Reports